Autumn tidy up: Prepare the lawn before the frost arrives

Autumn is a prime time to conduct lawn maintenance as it is the last chance to complete some of the much needed ground care before the colder, wetter months arrive. September and October are the final months you should conduct any sort of lawn maintenance, making sure to prepare the grass so that it can withstand the effects of the frost and wet conditions.

To help, we’ve put together a list of all the most important jobs that should be done in preparation for the winter, so you can be fully prepared for the months ahead.

Scarify to remove unwanted thatch

Scarifying is a vital task that helps to eliminate thatch and keeps lawns looking healthy, eliminating the risk of any diseases occurring. Scarification results in improved drainage and ventilation, allowing much needed air and nutrients to reach the root, promoting better growth and overall health.

It’s best to scarify during the autumn months as it can initially leave lawns looking patchy. During September and October, though, grass regrowth is at its peak, so grass should recover quickly, transforming lawns into a sprightly sea of vibrant green.

Billy Goat’s versatile range of scarifiers make it simple and easy to transform your lawn and the PR550 Power Rake efficiently removes matted thatch thanks to its rugged design and powerful Honda engine. The model is also self-propelled and can be fitted with a spring tine reel, so thatch can be removed from hard to reach spaces

Aerate to relieve summer compaction

After heavy use over summer, the soil beneath grass can become heavily compacted, which can prevent the circulation of air, water and important nutrients. Aeration helps to relieve soil compaction by piercing small holes throughout the lawn, creating small pockets of space where the important elements can easily travel to the root and encourage them to grow stronger. It’s important to aerate at least once a year too, so lawns can stay vibrant and healthy.

The Billy Goat AE401H Core Aerator is the perfect aerator for both small and large spaces thanks to its reliable Honda engine having the power to tackle any type of space. Its proprietary water tank also eliminates the usual bulky side weights thanks to it being positioned across the back of the machine – allowing the user to achieve even better aeration depth.

One final over seed

Throughout September and October, germination is at its peak, so it’s an opportune time to over seed your lawn. Overseeding can result in grass becoming thicker and more vibrant as it helps to infill any bare or damaged patches of grass, improve the colour of lawns and reduce the amount of unwanted weeds and moss that can appear.

Billy Goat provide the very best overseeding tools, taking the stress and fatigue out of turf renovations. The OS500 Overseeder makes overseeding quick and simple. With is Auto Drop feature, it can automatically start or stop seed drops, conserve seeds and prevent spillages or an uneven spread of seeds, resulting in even, thick turf growth. Its rugged design also allows for the most demanding use and its Fold-n-Go handles makes it easy and comfortable to transport.

Avoid damage by removing leaves and trimming hedges

It may seem like a simple job, but clearing leaves from lawns is vital in keeping it healthy. A blanket of leaves covering grass can starve it of light and can encourage the growth of different diseases, so it’s important to clear it multiple times a week. It’s also ideal to cut back hedges in the autumn, whilst they are in a dormant state, to make sure lawns are getting as much light as possible, so it can flourish in the coming months. 

Preparing lawns for winter can help it face the harsh conditions during the winter so it can be as thick and healthy as possible for the spring and summer months. Here at Billy Goat, we provide the ultimate tools in lawncare, so you can care and maintain lawns of any size with ease.

Take the strain out of mowing sloped lawns

Mowing the lawn can be a laborious task, especially if you’re dealing with sloped lawns or verges. It can also be a tricky and potentially dangerous job if you’re using traditional machines over uneven surfaces and steep slopes. Hover lawnmowers offer a practical and lightweight alternative, so you can get the job done without the backache.

Here at Cobra, our AirMow range offers three versatile hover lawnmowers, providing the perfect cutting solution thanks to their innovative features and technology. Each hover lawnmower mimics our revolutionary design, allowing you to cut even the most difficult of spaces with ease.

Each model in the range floats effortlessly on a cushion of air, so you can glide across lawns with very little effort. The air between the mower and the ground also allows you to easily manoeuvre the machine in any direction so you don’t have to sacrifice on cutting ability. The machines in our AirMow range also provide a lightweight design, making it even easier to maintain sloped lawns compared to traditional models.

All three models come equipped with a 20” cutting width and also supply a 3-in-1 Wheel Kit System, so the mowers can easily travel across difficult and uneven surfaces, making it just as effortless to transport as it is to operate. The wheels can also be clipped back when they are not in use, or they can be removed completely.

With both petrol and battery powered models available, there’s a hover lawnmower to suit both domestic gardeners and professional landscapers.

Cobra AirMow 51B

Powered by a Briggs & Stratton petrol engine, the AirMow 51B supplies a best-in-class performance, ensuring optimal torque and efficiency and resulting in lower emissions. With its two-stage height adjustment and hand propelled drive, the AirMow 51B is perfect for domestic gardeners and makes light work of cutting on uneven ground thanks to its smaller size.

Cobra AirMow 51 Pro

If you have a larger garden or work as a professional landscaper, the AirMow 51 Pro offers the ultimate in power, with a mighty yet quiet Honda GCV160 engine helping it meet any demanding applications – so you can glide across even the unruliest of slopes and verges with very little effort. The AirMow 51 Pro also features a three-stage height adjustment and is able to cut on a 45-degree angle, allowing you to transform medium and large lawns, leaving you with a lawn to be proud of.

Cobra AirMow 51 80V

The AirMow 51 80V is powered by twin 40V Lithium-ion batteries which delivers an impressive 80V of cutting power, providing just as much force as the petrol models. Its battery-powered feature also means that the AirMow 51 80V offers quieter running and a more environmentally beneficial design, whilst its cordless feature encourages an easy operation. With its fast chargers, both batteries can also be fully charged within 45 minutes, making lawn maintenance quick and simple.

It can be difficult maintaining lawns with uneven surfaces or sloped edges, but here at Cobra, we have the tools to make it easy to transform even the most awkward or hard to reach places, so you can achieve a perfectly trimmed garden without the hard work.

Repair and transform lawns with a sod cutter

Now that summer is well underway, more time is being spent enjoying the great outdoors meaning lawns are being used more and are on full display. With this increased usage of lawns, grass is more likely to become damaged, increasing the need to have maintenance and repair regimes in place, such as sod removal, to make sure lawns stay vigorous and beautiful.

Say goodbye to scorched lawns!

With the weather heating up, it’s important to keep a close eye on lawns as too much sunlight can put serious strain on grass, resulting in areas becoming scorched and water stressed. As well as resulting in an unsightly appearance, damaged patches on football pitches or golf courses may affect player performance. In these circumstances, it may be necessary to perform a sod removal and replace the patch of grass with healthy grass.

Sod makes up part of the soil beneath the grass that is attached to the grass root, so sod cutters are often needed to neatly remove patches without causing further damage to other areas of the lawn.

Here at Billy Goat, we have the perfect tool to help make sod removal quick, easy and simple. The SC18 Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter offers the ultimate in design and power, providing a host of features that deliver a seamless finish.

With paddle-style drive wheels and a rear swivel caster, the Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter provides ease and comfortable manoeuvrability, meaning even curved cuts can be done with little effort. The rear swivel caster even locks in position for straight cutting so perfect straight lines are guaranteed. The sod cutters handle isolation mounts also absorb vibrations, delivering a smooth and fatigue-free operation.

The Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter also comes equipped with a ‘Set and Forget’ blade depth adjustment so different heights can be set with a single lever, allowing turf to be removed with very little effort. Other features – such as the six different tie down point – make it safer to transport and the venting housing and service doors allow for additional ventilation, which ensures a cool operation.

Transform lawns and outdoor spaces

The Billy Goat Sod Cutter is also useful if turf needs to be removed to create edging, walkways or patios. So, whether you’re looking to incorporate a budding flurry of plants and flowers to community parks or transform private gardens into the perfect patio lounging area, a sod cutter makes it easier and creates a seamless finish.

Billy Goat has all the tools you need to look after and modify lawns without any hassle. So, you can enjoy healthy, sprightly lawns and enjoy a summer basking in the great outdoors!

What is aeration and why it’s important for your lawn

The nearing arrival of summer means that it’s time to undertake the seasonal jobs to maintain lawns and make sure they are healthy, vibrant and ready for the months ahead. Aeration is an important process in growing strong and vibrant grass as it allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass root, so it’s important that this process is carried out to achieve lush, thick lawns.

What is aeration?

Aeration involves piercing the soil beneath the grass with small holes to allow for air, water and nutrients. These elements are vital in helping grass roots to grow deeply whilst producing strong, vigorous and sprightly grass. Aeration is mainly undertaken to alleviate soil compaction as even slightly compressed soil can obstruct the important elements from reaching the grass roots. This means that grass will struggle to maintain its health during hotter weather and heavy rainfall, meaning grass left with increasingly compact soil is at risk of losing its quality and gradually dying out.

How to recognise a lawn that needs aerating and the best time to do it

You should aim to aerate your lawn at least once annually, to maintain the penetration of water and fertilisers to the grass root. However, lawns that are regularly used, such as football pitches or community fields, or those that have a spongey feel should be aerated more often to help grass maintain its strength and vibrant colour. Early spring and autumn, which are prime growing seasons, is the optimum time to aerate a lawn. During this period, grass can recover more quickly and can better fight off the stress of the aeration process.

What can I use to aerate a lawn?

The Billy Goat, we have a range of powerful aerators that help to maintain and encourage a flourishing lawn. For the ultimate experience, Billy Goat’s Plugr 25 Hydro Drive Series aerator provides a superior performance and a combination of productivity, operator comfort, variable hole density and is remarkably low maintenance. With the best-in-class controls and in ground steering, the 25 Hydro Drive Series also offers exceptional manoeuvrability and ease in operating.

It also offers The Patent Pending EZ Drop ™ tine system which comes complete with a one-step tine engagement lever. This allows tines to quickly engage when the lever is depressed, but it is also able to rapidly disengage once the lever has been released, so it can pass over any obstacles during aeration so the process can be smooth and uninterrupted.

For smaller lawns, the Billy Goat 18 Series aerator offers a smaller design but supplies just as much power. The model comes equipped with reciprocating cam tines that propel the unit forward and drive cores up to 7cm deep, meaning water, air and nutrients will be able to travel a sufficient depth to the grass root. With this smaller design, it also offers a lightweight feel so it can be easily maneuvered around lawns and can reach in smaller, more narrow spaces.

With the ability to cover up to 4 acres an hour, the Billy Goat Towable 60 Series aerator is ideal for maximising large lawn aerations – helping to save time whilst efficiently penetrating the grass root. With the addition of swivelling tine assemblies, this model operates with ease and is able to provide a quality aeration pattern of up to 4cm deep. The Towable 60 Series can also be mounted onto a standard tow bar or category 1, 3-point hitch and can run behind any type of tow vehicle, with the ability to run up to 8 km/h – offering a powerful and timely solution for aerating larger patches of lawn.

For the ultimate in lawncare, Billy Goat provides the right tools to help you create and maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn.

Scarify to promote healthy and revitalised lawn

Scarifying is one of the necessary tasks to undertake to ensure lawns stay healthy. It can be an effective process, when done at right time of year, as it removes thatch and other debris from your lawn. Thatch (dead grass) builds up over time and stops any light, air, moisture, or nutrients from reaching the grass root, restricting growth and stimulating an unwelcome flourish of weeds and moss. This is why eliminating it is vital in helping to keep a lawn thriving. 

The scarification process can be quite harsh on a lawn, leaving it looking patchy and neglected initially due to the rough process of collecting dry, dead thatch. Because of this, it is best to scarify in the autumn months or now, during the spring, when grass growth is at its peak, allowing lawns to recover quickly.

Whilst intensive scarifying should be undertaken between September and October, when the soil is still warm, to get a lawn looking its best for summer, the coming weeks will be an opportune time to conduct some light scarifying before the warm weather arrives, to remove the layer of thatch that may have built up over the winter. It is also best to combine scarification alongside other maintenance jobs, such as overseeding and fertilisation to ensure the best results.

Despite its seemingly harsh effects, scarifying is extremely useful and supplies a multitude of benefits to your lawn. For example, the scarification process helps to improve surface draining, so you can be sure lawns won’t suffer from being waterlogged. The removal of thatch also gives grass efficient ventilation, allowing air and nutrients to reach the root more easily, promoting better growth and overall condition and limiting the risk of any diseases occurring.

To get your lawn looking the picture of health, Billy Goat’s versatile range of scarifiers takes the hard work out of transforming a lawn. The PR Series is designed to withstand the most demanding use and all manoeuvre effortlessly to remove any matted thatch from turf in 20” passes, saving you time and avoiding the strenuous work of using a regular rake.

With their power supplied by Honda, the PR550 Power Rake and PR550H Power Rake are the perfect tools to help renovate even the largest lawns, and with their reduced vibrations, they improve operator comfort and handling. These models are also self-propelled and come with several optional accessories, including a spring tine reel, which removes thatch from areas where objects, like sprinkler heads, may cause concern. Both models can also be converted into an overseeder and vertislicer, providing several lawncare solutions in one tool.  

The CR550HCEU Compact Power Rake is a smaller model, but still has the power of Honda to get the job done. With its smaller design, the compact power rake can effectively remove thatch from smaller areas. This model also comes with optional accessories, such as a vertislicing reel, which can help improve drainage and overseeding which may have been compromised due to the build-up of thatch.

Billy Goat has all the tools to help you get the job done quickly and easily – leaving you with a lawn looking like new.

A seasonal schedule to help you plan out your groundskeeping year

The beginning of the year is a good opportunity to take stock and think about the seasonal jobs for the year ahead and to make sure that you have the right equipment lined up to tackle them.

To help you plan, we’ve split the most common groundscare jobs into seasons, with recommendations for the machinery you’ll need. Get your equipment lined up now, so as each season rolls around, you’re ready. With the seasons often arriving early or late nowadays, it’s always better to be prepared in advance.


We all look forward to the arrival of spring, and this is the season when lawncare becomes a priority again. To get lawns primed for the summer, now is the time to aerate and overseed. Heavy rainfall over the winter months can lead to a waterlogged lawn in need of aeration. An aerated lawn means that grass will be healthier, and your lawn will look thicker and more lush.

We’ve got some powerful aerators to help growth and help to create better conditions for the exchange of air and water in the soil, improving the penetration of water and fertilisers. The ultimate tool for the job is Billy Goat’s Plugr, which drives cores up to 2.75” deep even in hard soil conditions, yielding great results. 

Now is the ideal time to reseed lawns, to thicken sparse areas and repair any damage that winter may have done. Billy Goat’s OS901 Overseeder with exclusive Auto Drop™ technology is the perfect machine for the job, with super simple operation and high germination rates. If you haven’t used an aerator before seeding, make sure to rake the surface to create a fine soil layer for the seeds to incorporate into.


The summer sunshine may put turf under strain and areas of water-stressed or scorched grass may need replacing, especially if you are caring for a golf course. Our Sod Cutter is the perfect partner to help you remove areas of damaged turf neatly, to allow for a seamless finish. Our SC18 Series Sod Cutter  features specially designed wheels that are ideal for softer touch, bent grass and shallow cut applications. Our Sod Cutters are also an invaluable tool for cutting irrigation channels and for flatwork.

If street clean-up is part of your remit, a Leaf & Litter Vacuum like our QV Series will come in very handy. It’s the world’s quietest vacuum so won’t disturb passers-by, and its exclusive Dust Sock technology dramatically reduces dust in dry summer conditions.


Autumn is an ideal time to conduct lawn maintenance and to prepare it for the colder, wetter months. The temperature is ideal for grass seed regrowth too. September and October are the best months for scarifying your lawn, to remove any dry, dead thatch or scorched grass before the frosts come. Scarifying and aerating are both vital processes to maintain a healthy lawn and give great results when done at the most opportune time of year. Our PR Series power rake efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 51 cm passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use. This machine can be converted to an overseeder or vertislicer with optional accessories, making it an incredibly versatile lawncare machine.

As leaves begin to fall, a Lawn & Leaf Vacuum will be extremely useful to keep paths, pavements and playgrounds clear. We have a wide range of vacuums to suit your scale of job, with different models available for hard surface or turf applications.


Lower temperatures and leaf debris can pose a problem to pathways which need to be kept clear. Leaf matter can be particularly slippery if it is left to compact and rot. Leaf blowers are worth their weight in gold at this time of year for groundscare professionals so are worth investing. As well as being great for shifting leaves, the Billy Goat Leaf Blower will also give you the power to deal with light snowfall later in the season too.

Our range of Force Wheeled Blowers are the world’s most powerful and versatile, suitable for every scale of job, from domestic to community. Our F18 Series is the ultimate in volume and power, with a 15.2 cm discharge with air velocity of just below 320 km/h. It blows and pushes debris faster than with any other blower in our range. There are two models in the series, both of can clear 2,000m2 in under 30 minutes. The F1802SPV model is even self-propelled to increase productivity. Both models are equipped with professional Vanguard® V-Twin engines with a three year engine warranty.

Whatever your groundscare needs, Billy Goat has you covered all year round, no matter what the seasons bring. Our machinery is world class and capable of tackling any job.

Ground care for the winter months

Morning frosts have already begun, and it won’t be long until we are faced with the freezing temperatures of winter. Whilst this is a relatively quiet period for ground and estate maintenance, it’s good practice to tackle a number of jobs in the coming weeks before everything becomes too frozen. For example, take a survey of the estate and note any branches that are encroaching on buildings and structures, and cut them back now. This will also prevent heavy snow gathering on them and causing them to break, which may cause damage to buildings, but also to the tree itself.

Falling temperatures and falling leaves can play havoc with paths, so make sure that they are kept clear – there is nothing festive about a broken ankle! If you are investing in a leaf blower it is a good idea to go for a powerful wheeled version as it will also be able to tackle light coverings of snow too. Billy Goat’s range of Force Wheeled Blowers are the world’s most powerful and versatile, and cover all requirements from residential, to commercial to municipal. With the patented ‘Aim n Shoot’ technology, that allows you to direct the airflow where you need it most, and fingertip control, it’s incredibly easy to use.

The F9 Series is ideal for medium size maintenance contractors and large property owners. This F902H model is built to clear 2,000m2 from leaves in only 45 minutes. It is backed by a 3-year Honda engine warranty

The larger F13 Series is perfect for professional use, providing considerable power and productivity. This Honda powered force blower is a favourite for full size landscapes, schools, parks departments, cemeteries, resorts and golf and estate properties. It is available in a push and a self propelled version and will enable you to clear 2,000m2 of ground in under half an hour.

The F18 Series is the ultimate in volume and power! A 15.2 cm discharge with air velocity of just below 320 km/h blows and pushes leaves and debris with more force so you can clean up faster than with any other blower in the Billy Goat line up. There are two models in the series, both of can clear 2,000m2 in under 30 minutes. The F1802SPV model is even self propelled to increase productivity. Both models are equipped with professional Vanguard® V-Twin engines with a 3-year engine warranty.

Billy Goat has something for all of your ground care needs this winter, so take a look at the range of products available to help you clean up your world!

The value of scrubland and how to look after it

If you work in groundscare, it is likely that you will work in scrubland at some point, but what exactly is it? Scrub can technically be described as a ‘successional habitat’. This means that it is temporary and transitioning from one habitat, usually open grassy areas, to another, generally woodland. In less scientific language, it could be referred to as thickets or a brambly mess. Scrubland can consist of just a few small patches of nettles and brambles, or it can be more densely packed with young trees or gorse bushes. For these reasons, and due to differing factors, such as soil type and topography, scrubland can have a huge variety of hugely varying animal and plant communities living within it.

In fact, scientists agree that scrub is one of the most critical habitats in the UK, with over 450 rare and threatened species of plant, insect and bird associated with it and depending upon it for survival. It may not be the prettiest, but it certainly is important.

Over the years the amount of scrubland in the UK has depleted for a variety of reasons such as the adoption of more intensive agricultural practices taking over traditional scrub grazing land. Native species have evolved to flourish in the mixed rural landscapes that have developed, and scrub is a still a vital component in this, providing shelter and food.

There still comes a point, though, when scrub will require an element of management. It’s important that before any work is conducted a site survey is carried out to ascertain what wildlife is present. Knowing this will allow you to properly work around it, including when best to carry out the work, to avoid hibernating animals, for example.

When drawing up your plan of action, think about keeping a variety of old and young scrub. This will ensure that you continue to provide variety and diversity, making it appealing to a wider range of species. It’s a good idea, too, to create a plan that sees you managing scrub at a low level at regular intervals rather than a severe and heavy-handed approach less frequently.

Make sure that you maintain a direct link to the surrounding habitats, as this creates wildlife corridors that are vital for species to explore the landscape.  Make sure that you control invasive species such as Japanese knotweed and rhododendron, as they have very little value for wildlife and will happily take over the site if allowed, causing you more problems in the long run.  

There are a range of techniques that can be employed to control scrub when necessary, and one of them is to use a brushcutter. Brushcutters are ideal for cutting through overgrown bush and fields and for clearing through dense scrub. Billy Goat brushcutters have rigid 66 cm mowing decks, combined with heavy duty spindles and strong engines. The ergonomic controls make them easy to use in even the harshest environments.

The BC2600HEBB | BC Series – Pivoting Deck has been engineered to glide over uneven terrain, like scrub, as its pivoting brush deck hugs the ground for a close cut. This improves traction keeping the weight of the machine firmly on its extra wide tyres. It comes with a Tuff Torq™ variable hydrostatic transmission featuring fully automatic Enhanced Traction Control (ETC), offering superior traction in wet or uneven conditions and can cut saplings and brush at a rate of an acre per hour.

If you’re after a fixed deck, the BC2600ICM | BC Series – Fixed Deck is a great option, providing excellent stability in deep vegetation.  The mechanical transaxle, featuring three speeds forward and one reverse, and powered by a Honda engine, is ideal for clearing meadows and fields or cutting paths and trails wherever dense brush and weeds present a clean-up challenge. The heavy-duty blade spindle is reinforced on four sides to tackle the toughest cutting conditions, including thick brushes, grass and weeds over 180 cm tall, and saplings up to 5 cm diameter.    

Billy Goat brushcutters can help you to manage scrubland responsibly, and with ease.

Creating biodiverse cities

Creating ecologically diverse areas in urban surroundings is important for city planners who are looking to create a sustainable environment for city-dwellers, visitors and wildlife. It is becoming ever more important for cities to demonstrate their eco-credentials, rather than simply paying lip service and greenwashing their schemes. In fact, urban environments can provide an excellent opportunity to create wildlife corridors and habitats.

One of the best, and easiest, ways to do this is by creating a wildflower meadow. The best thing about preparing the ground for wildflowers is that it the poorer the soil, the better the growth – there aren’t many times in life that minimal effort equals maximum results, so make the most of it! But do it now before the frosts arrive in order to reap the rewards in spring.

If you are planning on sowing seeds into an established lawn you’ll get a lovely, naturalistic display. This is an easy method that simply requires an overseeder. We have a range at Billy Goat, all equipped with the exclusive Auto Drop™ feature. Auto Drop™ starts and stops seed drop automatically with bale engagement and disengagement. You can select the correct drop rate easily to fit your needs, meaning that you can make your meadow as flower heavy or light as you wish. The OS500 Series can be easily converted to a power rake for removing thatch, making it an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment. The OS900 Series overseeders are self-propelled with intuitive operator controls, which means fatigue is reduced.

If you’re planning to remove the grass before seeding you’ll need a sod cutter – it would be backbreaking to try and attempt it with a spade! Our SC18 Series offers two units: one with paddle-style drive wheels for better grip in wet and dry conditions, and one with knobbly wheels which were designed specifically for golf applications – a wildflower patch on a golf course would be a beautiful touch.

Scarify and aerate for healthy lawns

September is one of the best times to conduct lawn maintenance and to prepare it for the colder, wetter months of winter as the temperatures are ideal for grass seed regrowth and weeds are at low levels.

Scarifying and aerating are both vital processes to conduct in order to keep lawns healthy, and they are simple and effective tasks to complete, provided they are done at the right time of year and that you follow a few rules. This month we’ll go through the processes and give some advice on lawn maintenance.

Scarifying removes thatch (dead grass) and other debris such as moss from a lawn to improve its health. As thatch builds it restricts growth of new grass and encourages moss and weeds to take over in its place, leading to unsightly lawns. Light scarification can be performed in spring, but the heavier duty work is best done now, with soil temperatures perfect for recovery and grass seed germination if overseeding. It can appear to be a harsh process, making lawns look patchy and unloved following the process, but if done properly your lawn will soon thank you by transforming into a picture of health and vitality.

A scarifying rake can be used, but to achieve the best results and to avoid serious backache, a power rake such as the Billy Goat Power Rake efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 20” passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use.

After scarifying the lawn, the next step is aeration. A lawn should be aerated at least once annually to relieve compacted soil. When soil becomes Compacted it prevents proper circulation of air, water and nutrients, all of which are vital for a healthy lawn. Aeration helps to relieve this issue by making holes throughout the lawn to allow air to circulate around the roots, encouraging them to grow stronger, thus creating a healthier, happier lawn. Machine aerators such as Billy Goat’s mechanical and towable aerators make light work of the task and are streamlined to get the job done to the highest standard.

Your lawn may need a little help recovering after both of these processes. Adding some high nitrogen fertiliser and lawn grass seed will help combat any stress and disease and will fill in any patchy areas.

Whatever your autumn land care requirements, Billy Goat has the right tools to help you get the job done.