Do not disturb!

When working in public areas such as parks, schools, hospitals or tourist hotspots, sound levels are always a concern so as not to disturb the peace. Likewise, noise levels are also an issue for the user with prolonged periods of exposure causing hearing problems and often, permanent damage.


The Control of Noise at Work Regulations stipulate that hearing protection is mandatory for equipment over 85 decibels. At just 77 decibels, Billy Goat’s QuietVac series whispers while it works and has the lowest dB compared to other vacs on the market.

The QVs are part of Billy Goat’s extensive vacuum range and are the world’s quietest vacuums. Available as either hand or self-propelled models the QVs can hold an impressive 36 gallons (136 litres) of debris in its collection bag. In addition to this, the machines feature exclusive dust sock technology that drastically reduces dust particles as small as 0.1 micron. for additional operator protection and improved air quality. Dust reduction is furthered by a state of the art, unique cyclonic filtration system that reduces dust in dry conditions without compromising on suction power.

With an industrial width of 33” the QuietVacs are ideal for wide areas of commercial, industrial land and municipal clean up. This means that wide, vast areas and estates can be cleared with minimal effort and noise disruption.


The self-propelled models utilities hydro drive transmission with forward and reverse speeds from 0 to 3mph to help negotiate tight spots with ease, making them first pedestrian vacuums to be able to do this. They also have durable front castors for easy operation on uneven surfaces, and the height can be adjusted from half an inch up to three inches.

The Billy Goat QuietVacs weigh between 80kg and 113kg (dependent upon the engine size), and prices start from £1889.99 (including VAT). An optional hose kit that expands to 10 feet can be purchased separately.

A portable solution for autumn clean up

Clearing vast areas of land can often be daunting. Having mountains of leaves and debris to clear can be a tiresome, labour intensive and energy zapping task; particularly with heavy, hard to maneuverer equipment to move around as you work.

Wheeled vacuums from Billy Goat are the solution for all residential, commercial and municipal property clean up requirements. Suitable for use on both lawns and hard surfaces, Billy Goat wheeled vacuums are built to last with many being in service for over 20 years. With light yet incredibly durable wheels, the vacuums from Billy Goat increase portability and remove the strain from autumn clean up.

The range consists of vacuums for all applications. At 20” wide the wheeled, lightweight Little Billy is perfect for domestic and residential applications, yet with a wide nozzle it provides superior suction. It also has an easy height adjustment and felt bag with 105 litre collection capacity making it the perfect partner for domestic gardeners wanting to increase their efficiency.

Also designed to meet the needs of both the domestic and residential markets is the KV Series, which are also suitable for some commercial applications. With a 27” width and a five blade impeller with serrated edges, the KV Series maximises suction and tackles debris with ease. It is also available with an on-board 2” chipper to help clear branches too.

On the industrial and professional side, Billy Goat produce the heavy duty MV Series that are ideal for larger properties, commercial sites and council needs. With a width of 29” width, MV Series models pick up all rubbish and debris. They are designed for both hard surfaces and turf and are ideal for larger properties and commercial plots.

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Where’s the great British summer?!

It may only just be the start of August but some days recently have felt like autumn is on its way. With that in mind perhaps it’s not too early to start considering your autumn clean up regime.

Here at Billy Goat autumn clean up is our speciality! It’s when we really get to show off the power of our vacuums and blowers!

The first step is to use a force blower to gather the debris into one area. Start in the corners, blowing towards the centre of the lawn/area, and work inwards, doing one section at a time. A top tip is to work with the breeze, not against it! Use it to your advantage to help make the job even quicker.

Wheeled Force Blowers from Billy Goat aren’t just versatile and powerful, they are also light and the quietest leaf/debris blowers on the market. They are self-propelled with reliable engines, so there is no need to push which will increase your productivity. The range of blowers from Billy Goat contains models of many different size with varying force to suit all requirements – all the way up to the ultimate F18 which has an air velocity of 200mph!


Once you have used your force blower to gather the debris, the next step is to remove it. For this you will require a vacuum for suction and to save hand collection. Once again, Billy Goat has solutions for all needs and property sizes.

The wheeled, lightweight Little Billy is perfect for domestic and residential applications. At 51cm/20” wide it is designed for small gardens, yet with a wide nozzle it provides superior suction. It also has an easy height adjustment and felt bag with 105litre collection capacity making it the perfect partner for domestic gardeners wanting to increase their efficiency.

Also designed for the domestic and residential market is the KV Series, however these models are also suitable for small commercial applications. With a width of 69cm/27” and a 5 blade impeller with serrated edges, the KV Series maximises suction and tackles debris with ease. They are also available with an on-board 5cm/2” chipper to add clearing branches to your list of autumn clean up jobs.

On the industrial and professional side, Billy Goat produce the MV Series that are ideal for larger properties, commercial sites, streets, councils and festivals – you name it, Billy Goat’s MV series has it covered! With a width of 74cm/29”width, MV Series models pick up can, litter, bottles and other debris with complete ease and wolfs down rubbish. Prices of these heavy duty leaf/little vacuums start from £1750 inc. VAT.

A final addition to the extensive Billy Goat vacuum range are the unique QuietVac™s – the world’s quietest vacuum. If noise is a concern for you, then look no more. The QuietVacs’ filtration system reduces dust in dry conditions without compromising on suction power. This means that wide, vast commercial and industrial areas as well as large estates can be cleaned up with minimal effort by these heavy duty machines. At 84cm/ 33” wide, the QuietVac™s are Billy Goat’s widest vacuums. Prices start from £1799.99 inc. VAT.

Don’t just take our word for it though, click here to see the Billy Goat’s in action to help decide what’s best.


Beat the brush!

When a grass strimmer or lawnmower just won’t cut it, Billy Goat is on hand with its range of brushcutters that will help clear overgrown areas with ease!

This is never more true than of this time of year. In July, everything is growing and keeping on top of everything can seem an endless job! If you’re looking for equipment that can assist you with clearance tasks in no time, then Billy Goat brushcutters provide an efficient solution to help free up your time!

Maintaining large areas of grass is a big commitment so you will no doubt welcome a solution that provides a fast, reliable alternative to removing unwanted items. The best thing needed to tackle these patches of tall grass and brambles is power. Brushcutters from Billy Goat certainly have that. Brushcutter lawnmowers provide a simple way to tackle wild areas of grass with ease and speed. They can plough through overgrowth and weeds, even cutting through branches and tackle challenges up to six feet high, including saplings up to two inches diameter.


With more power, than a handheld brushcutter, as well as heavy duty blades, Billy’s Goat brushcutters can tidy areas and are more durable for long-term, extensive usage on larger plots.

Here are Billy Goat’s top tops for using brushcutters:

  • Choose your equipment based on your requirements. It might sound simple but brushcutters are powerful pieces of machinery with varying features and capabilities so make sure you choose the one most suited for your application
  • Just got for it! Don’t be anxious when using a brushcutter for the first time, Billy Goat brushcutters “eat up” overgrowth so make you feed them well!
  • Be comfortable – let the machine take the strain so you don’t have to. To help with this, Billy Goat brushcutters have padded handles. Make sure they are well positioned before you set off
  • Make sure that you keep your brushcutter in excellent condition by visiting your local dealer for regular servicing, like you should with all garden equipment!

The Billy Goat range of land clearing equipment is available nationwide through Henton and Chattell’s dealer network. For more information and to see videos demonstrating their performance visit


Get some grounds inspiration this summer!

Here at Billy Goat we know the hard work that goes into maintaining estates and vast areas of land. This month, we want to celebrate that work and highlight some of the best sites in the country.

The National Trust owns and looks after 618,000 acres of land across the UK – no mean feat! The reason it does this? To preserve the countryside whilst bringing pleasure to the public.

With a long summer hopefully ahead of us you may be looking for some fun days out in the great outdoors so here we recommend our favourite National Trust gardens that you can explore this summer – either for a break to relax or perhaps for inspiration!

Dyffryn, Vale of Glamorgana Grade I listed site with formal lawns, an extensive arboretum that is home to trees from all over the world, and smaller garden rooms for visitors to relax in. It also has a fantastic array of cacti and orchids that are well worth a visit!

Hidcote, GloucestershireA series of outdoor rooms, each with its own character. Highlights include a maze and the secret gardens. The gardens at Hidcote are deliberately designed with the formal style relaxing the further away from the house you go!

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, North Yorkshire – A World Heritage Site with break-taking views and stunning ornamental lakes. Visit the Cistercian Abbey, the elegant Georgian water garden and the medieval deer park.

Nymans, West SussexNymans hosts a historic plant collection and a series of very unusual plantings. It has extensive, yet intimate, gardens set around a wonderful house and ruins. Discover hidden corners through stone archways, tree-lined avenues among lush green countryside.

Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire – Take a tour of the world at Biddulph! The gardens are all themed around a different country from Italian landscaping to Egyptian tunnels and a stunning Chinese watchtower, as well as the Himalayan Glen.

 Ickworth, Suffolk – “A Georgian Italianate palace in an idyllic English landscape”. Ickworth occupies miles of park and woodland, among the grounds are an 18th Century walled gardens and a magical summer house.

Claremont, Surrey –  Claremont is an oasis of trees and shrubs. It has always been somewhere to escape everyday life and enjoy the simple pleasures with family and friends. Its Thatched Cottage and Belvedere Tower provide entertainment with the opportunity to climb the tower for stunning views across the surrounding countryside.

Sizergh, Cumbria – Located in a beautiful spot on the edge of the Lake District, Sizergh sits in a natural setting and boasts stunning kitchen gardens and an orchard. It has a medieval house that stands at the gateway to the Lake District. Its beautiful garden includes a pond, lake and a natural collection of hardy ferns.

Mount Stewart, County Down – A neo-classical house and perhaps one of the National Trust’s most unusual gardens. It has formal displays, shamrock gardens, and a Lily Wood. The formal areas have a distinctive Mediterranean feel, resembling an Italian villa landscape and the wooded areas support a range of plants from all over the world.


Make landscaping a breeze!

Landscaping a large area of turf can often be a daunting thought. Lifting turf manually may seem arduous and strenuous, but Billy Goat has a solution with its sod cutter.

A sod cutter from Billy Goat makes lifting turf easy, particularly for those with larger areas to clear. It inserts its blade up to 2.5” deep into the grass and cuts the sod from underneath the root to expose bare ground, it then makes a horizontal cut to allow the turf to be removed in strips.

Comfortable and easy to use, the Billy Goat SC180H sod cutter offers excellent manoeuvrability with variable ground speeds, as well as forward and reverse options that make it ideal for novices and professionals alike. It has an 18” working width, hydrostatic drive and is powered by a Honda petrol engine.

Billy Goat SC180H Sod Cutter

Featuring Billy Goat’s unique “Set and Forget”™ blade depth adjustment, the SC180H allows for cut heights can be set with a single lever, lifting turf effortlessly.

A wide selection of cutting blades and blade angles allows users to quickly adapt to varying soil conditions and easy depth adjustment helps to efficiently select a cutting depth. The cutter also boasts the fastest transport speed on the market running at a speedy 3.5mph, making work fast and efficient.

With its list of features, the reliable and comfortable to use Billy Goat sod cutter will take the strain from landscaping.

Billy Goat products are exclusively available in the UK through Henton & Chattell dealers nationwide.


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Promote spring growth!

With spring now upon us everyone wants to be getting outdoors and to help get turf looking its best, Billy Goat is on hand with its Plugr range of aerators.

The colder months can have a significant impact on turf and, if not looked after properly, grounds could struggle now spring is here.

Our range of Plugr aerators offer the perfect solution to promoting spring growth and can improve drainage and encourage new growth by making holes throughout the turf that allow air circulation through the roots. The results being healthy grass growth and stronger turf!


The Plugr aerator range consists of four products. These are the PL1800 (with either a 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine, or an 118cc Honda engine), or the PL2500 (with a 163cc Honda engine, or a 196cc Honda/Hydro Drive).

The PL1800 has an 18” working width, along with four tines and weighs just 109kg. It is ideal for smaller properties or rental scenarios, and places cores 2.75” deep and aerates 22,000 square feet per hour. It has an easy folding handle that allows for compact use, transportation and storage.


The PL2500 is perhaps suited for more intense usage. It has a 25” working width and eight reciprocating cam driven tines that punch to core depths of 2.75”. It can deliver aeration to up to 42,500 square feet per hour. Prices of the Plugr aerators start from £1999.99 including VAT.