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Where’s the great British summer?!

It may only just be the start of August but some days recently have felt like autumn is on its way. With that in mind perhaps it’s not too early to start considering your autumn clean up regime.

Here at Billy Goat autumn clean up is our speciality! It’s when we really get to show off the power of our vacuums and blowers!

The first step is to use a force blower to gather the debris into one area. Start in the corners, blowing towards the centre of the lawn/area, and work inwards, doing one section at a time. A top tip is to work with the breeze, not against it! Use it to your advantage to help make the job even quicker.

Wheeled Force Blowers from Billy Goat aren’t just versatile and powerful, they are also light and the quietest leaf/debris blowers on the market. They are self-propelled with reliable engines, so there is no need to push which will increase your productivity. The range of blowers from Billy Goat contains models of many different size with varying force to suit all requirements – all the way up to the ultimate F18 which has an air velocity of 200mph!


Once you have used your force blower to gather the debris, the next step is to remove it. For this you will require a vacuum for suction and to save hand collection. Once again, Billy Goat has solutions for all needs and property sizes.

The wheeled, lightweight Little Billy is perfect for domestic and residential applications. At 51cm/20” wide it is designed for small gardens, yet with a wide nozzle it provides superior suction. It also has an easy height adjustment and felt bag with 105litre collection capacity making it the perfect partner for domestic gardeners wanting to increase their efficiency.

Also designed for the domestic and residential market is the KV Series, however these models are also suitable for small commercial applications. With a width of 69cm/27” and a 5 blade impeller with serrated edges, the KV Series maximises suction and tackles debris with ease. They are also available with an on-board 5cm/2” chipper to add clearing branches to your list of autumn clean up jobs.

On the industrial and professional side, Billy Goat produce the MV Series that are ideal for larger properties, commercial sites, streets, councils and festivals – you name it, Billy Goat’s MV series has it covered! With a width of 74cm/29”width, MV Series models pick up can, litter, bottles and other debris with complete ease and wolfs down rubbish. Prices of these heavy duty leaf/little vacuums start from £1750 inc. VAT.

A final addition to the extensive Billy Goat vacuum range are the unique QuietVac™s – the world’s quietest vacuum. If noise is a concern for you, then look no more. The QuietVacs’ filtration system reduces dust in dry conditions without compromising on suction power. This means that wide, vast commercial and industrial areas as well as large estates can be cleaned up with minimal effort by these heavy duty machines. At 84cm/ 33” wide, the QuietVac™s are Billy Goat’s widest vacuums. Prices start from £1799.99 inc. VAT.

Don’t just take our word for it though, click here to see the Billy Goat’s in action to help decide what’s best.