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Make way for the colour

There is no doubt about it, when we start to notice a slight covering of leaves on the ground we can be certain that autumn has arrived, bringing an array of leaves with it.

Billy Goat Blog Oct

We understand that you and your team will be getting ready to face the battle of the year, clearing away the leaves, branches, litter and debris that has accumulated during the later summer months. To make your job just that little bit easier, why not use a vacuum, instead of manually raking up those leaves over the ground you maintain. This will not only tidy away the leaves as you see them, but it will also make disposing of the debris a lot easier.

Alternatively, if you have blown all of the leaves into one area and there is a vast amount of these, why not try out a debris loader. Not only will this ensure all the leaves are being contained, and are not taken away by the wind, but it shall also ensure that they are compressed, and thus can then be added to the compost pile, creating the fertiliser needed ready for the gardens’ spring fertilisation.

If you are unsure as to which type of blower/vacuum would be suitable for your requirements, why not check out the full Billy Goat range on our website.