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Billy Goat boost aerator range with Plugr

Billy Goat is proud to announce the acquisition of Plugr aerators. The new additions complement the current selection of aerators, advancing Billy Goat’s mission to provide a vast range of quality equipment to it’s customers.

Now is an ideal time to put an aerator to work with some last minute lawn maintenance. Leaving it until later in the year will cause damage to the lawn and it won’t be a pretty sight in the spring! By the end of November the lawn should hardly need mowing at all so a trim now will be beneficial.

As leaves start to fall it’s important to keep lawns clear. The Billy Goat range features a selection of push and self-propelled vacuums, as well as force blowers to make collecting any leaves easy. Collected leaves can be turned into leafmould for a luxurious boost to the soil. For more ideas on what to do with leftover leaves, have a read of our October blog post.

Aeration can relieve compaction and release trapped gases. The process allows stale carbon dioxide to escape and fresh oxygen to circulate easier. After aerating, brushing sharp sand or grit in to the holes can help with drainage and water logging.

Frosted lawns can be damaged easily if walked on so avoid if possible. Walking on a lawn after wet weather should also be avoided as this may compact the soil.

For lawns looking a little worse for wear, lawn feed may give it the boost it needs to get going again. If you do feed the lawn, don’t use leftover summer feed as it is too rich and will lead to weak and diseased growth. Invest in a good autumn lawn feed and remember to read the instructions clearly!

The temperature drop around November does mean grass growth slows down so with that in mind, now is an ideal time give equipment a clean and get them serviced to make sure they are in tip top condition come spring.

As dark nights draw in and life outdoors starts to slow down, take the spare time to take stock of other gardening equipment and its condition. Check if hoes and secateurs could do with a clean or benefit from a bit of oil before they head into the shed for winter.

Billy Goat have a range of tools perfect for lawn care from scarifiers to leaf vacuums, and with the new Plugr addition, there’s an even bigger choice of aerators to choose from!