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Happy New Year from everyone at Billy Goat!


Happy New Year from everyone at Billy Goat!

As the New Year gets into full swing, thoughts often turn to starting afresh and having that clear-out you may have been putting off for the past decade.

As the list of things to do gets longer, perhaps it’s time to tackle that scrubland that you may have been avoiding.

Scrubland can be a hugely beneficial environment for wildlife, and with the media full of reports about pollinator decline across the country, it’s important to support bees and other wildlife. In managing a small area of scrubland properly, flora and fauna in the area can be given a boost by the welcome pollinators as well as other wildlife that will help you keep pests under control. Bees and other pollinators help to cross pollinate plants and birds can significantly reduce aphid and plant damaging insect populations, along with slugs and snail removal.

When tackling any overgrowth its best to avoid February to avoid disturbing nesting birds, so now is an ideal time to get started.

To help clear scrubland, the BC24 Series Outback Brushcutter, £2,249.99 inc. VAT, is ideal for commercial use. BGTT™ hydrostatic transaxles offer superior traction in the toughest conditions, and with is robust design, the brushcutter can tackle the toughest jobs.

The Outback BC26, £2350 inc. VAT, makes quick work of underbrush, tangled brambles and unwanted saplings up to 2”. Its wide deck and high tip speed contribute to outstanding pace and top cut quality. Ergonomic handles give extra comfort and support allowing for ease of use.

Take care to wear protective clothing, especially around blackthorn plants as scratches from blackthorns are prone to infection and scaring.

With a little help from Billy Goat the scrubland you’ve been ignoring for too long will be a thing of the past!