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Scarifying and Aerating Lawns in Autumn


September is one of the best times to get that vital lawn maintenance under way with temperatures optimal for regrowth and weed seed levels dipping.

Scarifying and aerating are key elements to keeping lawns healthy and looking great but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the minefield of conflicting advice and confusing range of clean up products. This month were going to talk through the processes and give some advice on lawn maintenance along the way.

Scarification is removing thatch (dead grass) and other debris from a lawn and now is the ideal time with soil temperatures perfect for grass seed germination if overseeding. It can appear to be a harsh process, making lawns look patchy and unloved, but done properly your lawn will transform in to a thing of beauty.

As thatch builds it restricts growth of new grass and encourages moss and weeds to take over in its place, leading to unsightly lawns. A scarifying rake can be used but to achieve the best results a power rake, such as the Billy Goat Power Rake, efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 20” passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use.

After scarifying the lawn the next step is aeration. A lawn should be aerated at least once annually.

Compacted soil prevents proper circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil. Elements that are vital for a healthy lawn. Lawn thatch and garden debris can build up and create a barrier, starving the grass of nutrients. Aeration helps to relieve this issue and involves making holes throughout the lawn to allow air to circulate around the roots, encouraging them to grow stronger creating a healthier lawn. Machine aerators such as Billy Goat’s mechanical and towable aerators make light work of the task and are streamlined to get the job done to the highest standard.

Your lawn may need a little help recovering after both processes. Adding some fertiliser and lawn grass seed will help combat any stress and disease.

Once cleared the lawn may look a little patchy but after scarifying is the perfect time to overseed and September is an ideal period for healthy grass seed germination.

If you have been inspired to get your lawn into shape, visit to see Billy Goats range of clean up tools.