Monthly Archives: April 2020

Spring has sprung

The weather has finally warmed up a little and gardens are waking up again. There’s blossom on the trees and tulips in flower. It’s also the time of year that lawns will start demanding your attention, which, if you have a large garden or grounds to take care of, can feel like a daunting task. Now is the time to invest time and effort in lawns, to get them looking their best for the summer months. With a proper care plan, combined with the right tools, it needn’t be too tiresome.

Here are some of our top seasonal lawncare tips.

Weed control

The grass has started growing, which means so have the weeds.  Dandelions, moss and daisies easily become part of the fabric of your lawn unless you keep them under control. The moss needs to be removed and killed and the weeds need to be treated so they don’t take over.

There are plenty of all-in-one lawn treatments to keep weeds and moss under control whilst nourishing the lawn at the same time. Ensure that you use the product appropriately and avoid overdosing, as it may scorch your grass. If you have a large area to apply the treatment to, it might be worth using a spreader, to save time and ensure an even distribution of product.

After treating the moss to kill it, it will need raking out of your lawn. Gentle raking will also remove the layer of thatch – the dead plant material that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface that can be harmful to your lawn if it builds up. This is another task that is best done assisted by the right machine if you have a large lawn area.

When it comes to turf renovation, Billy Goat’s grass seeders and dethatchers have been the leader in making properties across the globe look fantastic.

Patch repair

Now is the ideal time to reseed lawns, to thicken sparse patches and repair any damage that winter may have left behind.

Billy Goat’s OS901 Overseeder with exclusive Auto Drop™ technology is the perfect machine for the job, with incredibly simple operation and high germination rates. Spreading seed on compacted ground is unlikely to reward you with germination, healthy growth and a beautiful lawn – the surface of the earth needs to be broken up and de-compacted to allow for seeds to grow. The best way to break up the surface of the soil sufficiently for seeds to grow is by raking the surface to create a fine soil layer for the seeds to incorporate into. For the ultimate in aeration, Billy Goat’s Plugr drives cores up to 2.75” deep even in hard soil conditions, offering superb results.  Using a power rake will give you the power and control you need to rake large areas effectively.

The first cut

Raking is also advisable before mowing, to lift the grass stems and remove any debris from the lawn. Raking ahead of mowing will give a much better result. Raking the lawn in springtime should be gentle so as not to thin out the grass unintentionally. Remember to set your mower blades fairly high during the spring as the lawn isn’t resilient enough for a short cut yet. To remove matted thatch from turf with the appropriate level of pressure, our lightweight Compact Power Rake is the ideal tool. It weighs just 129 lbs., allowing you to make light work of large areas without fatiguing.

Rake it easy

Raking is notoriously hard work. It’s tiring and can take its toll on your back if your lawn is sizeable. Billy Goat have a range of power rakes to make light work of large areas, saving your time (and your back!)

For the ultimate machine to help you get your lawn into shape, our versatile PR550 Power Rake is unbeatable. It is self-propelled and the vibration is reduced, improving operator comfort and handling. It converts to an overseeder or vertislicer with optional accessories, providing an all-in-one solution to your lawncare needs.

Get your lawns looking lush this spring with the machines that are cut out for the job.