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Let Billy Goat take the strain out of overseeding pain!

OS Action

Spring is in full swing and across the country seeds are being sown in greenhouse and over lawns.

If your property features a large lawn it can be a daunting task to recover a patchy, tired area. Investing in a Billy Goat overseeder will make spreading seeds a quick and easy task, whilst reducing fatigue. Using overseeders encourages a high growing success rate as the machine works the seed into the lawn.

A Billy Goat O5552 push overseeder will cut through the thatch layer of the lawn and open small slits in which the seed falls, protecting any seeds from predatory birds. Using powerful adjustable blades the O5552 removes heavy thatch, letting in light to encourage newly spread seeds to grow.

The overseeder also features an exclusive Auto Drop System which automatically starts and stops seed drop, eliminating waste. With a capacity of 11.3kg (25lb) the O5552 features a front mounted seed box to easily disperse large amounts of seed in one gardening session.

The highly versatile machine also converts into a handy power rake meaning it can be used from spring through to autumn. Traditionally overseeders are used for lawns but the O5552’s power rake function means it can prepare ground to spread wildflower seeds for a more natural, wildlife friendly environment.

Let Billy Goat do the hard work so you don’t have to!

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