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Time to have a spring clean!


Spring has finally arrived, so it’s time to get spring cleaning underway. Lawns can take a battering over the winter period and spring marks the time to start repairing, bringing your lawn back to life for the (hopefully) sunny months to come.

Any online search for lawn care will undoubtable bring up a sea of articles discussing scarifying and aerating. But what are these scary sounding processes? Let Billy Goat guide you through.

Scarification is the practice of removing dead grass and other debris from a lawn that may have built up over the colder months. Heavy scarifying should be left until autumn, so use a light lawn rake to dislodge thatch (dead grass).

Before starting the process make sure lawns are cut to a manageable height. A quick mow now will make the whole process a lot easier. Raking may initially leave your lawn looking threadbare, nevertheless, if the proper process is followed, in a few weeks you will have a lawn fit for the queen!

After scarifying the lawn the next step is aeration. A lawn should be aerated at least once a year and using a Billy Goat Compact Aerator will make the job easy!

Time and everyday use can cause soil to become compacted which prevents air, water and nutrients from properly circulating throughout the soil.

The process of aeration helps to relieve the pressure, making holes throughout the lawn to allow air to circulate around the roots. This in turn, encourages grass to grow stronger creating a healthier lawn.

The Billy Goat Compact Aerator is designed to make aeration a breeze. Four hardened tines propel the aerator forward and drive holes up to 2.75″ deep, allowing air to circulate. It’s simple to operate, easy to steer and light to lift. The easy folding handle allows for compact transport and storage and with only four tines and no chains, the Compact Aerator is easy to maintain.

Don’t be horrified by the look of your lawn after the two processes. It will recover and be better for it. Try adding a quality lawn fertilizer to help replenish any sparse patches, and invest in a quality lawn seed.

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