Monthly Archives: February 2016

Make way for the new growth!!

Billy Goat image for Feb 16

Winter can be the time of the year where the lawn is neglected, causing dead grass (known as thatch) to build-up, which restricts light and air from getting to the grass root. Scarifying is a very beneficial lawn treatment and rather than being considered as a remedial maintenance exercise every one to two years, you should consider this as a regular maintenance procedure. If not repeated regularly, it can lead to a downward spiral in the health of your lawn.

Billy Goat’s fantastic range of petrol powered lawn scarifiers manoeuvre effortlessly around both small and larger properties, removing matted thatch from any type of turf. The Billy Goat Power Rake (Scarifier), with its rugged design, can withstand the most demanding use. The PR550 comes standard with Honda or Briggs and Stratton power, which is also mounted to heavy-duty cast iron pillow block bearings, ensuring the most efficient and sturdy of performances.

As the rotation is down sweep, the flails propel the PR550 forward, making it self-propelled which reduces fatigue. For additional information on this product or to browse the other products in our range please visit our website.