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Billy Goat Sod Cutter makes makeovers a breeze


It’s never too late to get landscaping jobs underway! If you are planning a garden makeover or some serious landscaping a Billy Goat Hydro Sod Cutter will make removing sod a breeze.

Firstly, you may be wondering what sod is. In a nutshell, sod is the part of soil beneath grass that is held together by the grass’ roots.

Sod cutters remove grass by cutting turf from the roots, exposing bare ground underneath. It is a good idea to mow the lawn short before beginning the process as this will make the job a lot easier.

You can remove sod at any time of the year but it is best to avoid excessively wet and wintery weather conditions. If your plan is to re-turf the area after sod removal, spring and early autumn are ideal times.

Comfortable and easy to use, the Hydro Sod Cutter offers excellent manoeuvrability with variable ground speeds, as well as forward and reverse options that makie it ideal for novices and professionals alike. Billy Goat’s Hydro Sod Cutter is especially useful when removing grass for walkways, patios and playground areas.

Featuring Billy Goat’s unique “Set and Forget”™ blade depth adjustment, heights can be set with a single lever, lifting turf effortlessly.

A wide selection of cutting blades and blade angles allows you to quickly adapt to varying soil conditions and easy depth adjustment helps you to efficiently select a cutting depth. The cutter also boasts the fastest transport speed on the market running at a speedy 3.5mph, making work fast and efficient.

With its list of features, the reliable and comfortable to use cutter will take the strain from landscaping.