Monthly Archives: November 2017

Clearing the way

Autumn is here and that means parks, streets and gardens might be looking radiant in their red and golden colours, but fallen leaves can be a real pain for professional grounds teams!

Leaves that have fallen can create a slippery hazard once wet or icy, making them a potential health and safety risk in public places.


They can also damage grass too. Once they cover an area of lawn, they can actually suffocate it, preventing precious sunlight and air from reaching the sward. This can damage any remaining grass growth for the year, and hinder its health for next spring. Not only that, piles of leaves can harbour pests and diseases and clog up drains and manhole covers.

It is possible to collect them in one fell swoop, along with general litter and other debris too! All you need is a reliable, outdoor vacuum from Billy Goat.

To meet the needs of both domestic and residential usage is the KV Series, which has both hand and self propelled models. With a 27” width and a five blade impeller with serrated edges, the KV Series maximises suction and tackles debris with ease. It is also available with an on-board 2” chipper to help clear branches too.


For professional usage, there is the heavy duty MV Series that is ideal for larger properties, commercial sites and council applications. With a 29” width, MV Series models pick up all rubbish and debris from both hard surfaces and turf, with a 151 litre collection capacity that makes light work of clearing large areas.