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Recover tired turf with Billy Goat

If your turf is in need of some TLC then it’s best to begin renovation work before the hot weather of the summer arrives.

Grass roots can be strengthened and tired patches recovered with a simply application of new seed. However, applying this to large areas of grounds, pitches and estates can often prove challenging and tiring. With the help of an overseeder from Billy Goat, arduous labour when spreading seed is a thing of the past!


It doesn’t just spread the seed but it also works it into the ground by cutting through thatch to create small slits for the seed to fall into to encourage growth. To aid growth, the overseeder utilises Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop feature that automatically starts or stops the seed drop with bale engagement.

The benefits of the OS500 series are endless. It has “no-tool” foldable handles that make it easy to store and transport across sites; it has premium steel pulleys with an easy to adjust idler which means that servicing is simple which in turn extends the machine’s lifespan; and it also has steel guards that protect the bearing and pulleys to further extend the lifespan. With an optional accessory it can also easily convert to a power rake, making this an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment.

See for yourself how Billy Goat tackles really tough jobs at