Monthly Archives: March 2015

Preparation is Key!


Grounds and gardens often feature forgotten corners left to become unmanaged forests of weeds and high grass. To reclaim that poorly patch and transform it into a viable planting area, soil preparation is an important step.

Billy Goat’s HW651HSP high weed mower, featuring a powerful Honda engine, is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Powerful enough to breeze through overgrown weeds and knee-high grass, the mower still provides a perfectly precise smooth cut. Large rear wheels smooth out uneven surfaces and give the mower stability, even on hillsides!

After clearing the ground, the next choice is what to do with the cleared area. Grassy patches can be kept as part of lawns or, if you desire to revamp the area completely, you can remove the grass and prepare the ground for use as a seed bed.

For growing beds, to thoroughly stifle the chance of any weeds returning, the easiest method is to cover the area with ground cover fabric to block out light and smoother the weeds.

Once weeds have been eradicated, top dress the area with a layer of compost or a high quality manure and it’s ready for a new lease of life!

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