Spring has sprung

The weather has finally warmed up a little and gardens are waking up again. There’s blossom on the trees and tulips in flower. It’s also the time of year that lawns will start demanding your attention, which, if you have a large garden or grounds to take care of, can feel like a daunting task. Now is the time to invest time and effort in lawns, to get them looking their best for the summer months. With a proper care plan, combined with the right tools, it needn’t be too tiresome.

Here are some of our top seasonal lawncare tips.

Weed control

The grass has started growing, which means so have the weeds.  Dandelions, moss and daisies easily become part of the fabric of your lawn unless you keep them under control. The moss needs to be removed and killed and the weeds need to be treated so they don’t take over.

There are plenty of all-in-one lawn treatments to keep weeds and moss under control whilst nourishing the lawn at the same time. Ensure that you use the product appropriately and avoid overdosing, as it may scorch your grass. If you have a large area to apply the treatment to, it might be worth using a spreader, to save time and ensure an even distribution of product.

After treating the moss to kill it, it will need raking out of your lawn. Gentle raking will also remove the layer of thatch – the dead plant material that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface that can be harmful to your lawn if it builds up. This is another task that is best done assisted by the right machine if you have a large lawn area.

When it comes to turf renovation, Billy Goat’s grass seeders and dethatchers have been the leader in making properties across the globe look fantastic.

Patch repair

Now is the ideal time to reseed lawns, to thicken sparse patches and repair any damage that winter may have left behind.

Billy Goat’s OS901 Overseeder with exclusive Auto Drop™ technology is the perfect machine for the job, with incredibly simple operation and high germination rates. Spreading seed on compacted ground is unlikely to reward you with germination, healthy growth and a beautiful lawn – the surface of the earth needs to be broken up and de-compacted to allow for seeds to grow. The best way to break up the surface of the soil sufficiently for seeds to grow is by raking the surface to create a fine soil layer for the seeds to incorporate into. For the ultimate in aeration, Billy Goat’s Plugr drives cores up to 2.75” deep even in hard soil conditions, offering superb results.  Using a power rake will give you the power and control you need to rake large areas effectively.

The first cut

Raking is also advisable before mowing, to lift the grass stems and remove any debris from the lawn. Raking ahead of mowing will give a much better result. Raking the lawn in springtime should be gentle so as not to thin out the grass unintentionally. Remember to set your mower blades fairly high during the spring as the lawn isn’t resilient enough for a short cut yet. To remove matted thatch from turf with the appropriate level of pressure, our lightweight Compact Power Rake is the ideal tool. It weighs just 129 lbs., allowing you to make light work of large areas without fatiguing.

Rake it easy

Raking is notoriously hard work. It’s tiring and can take its toll on your back if your lawn is sizeable. Billy Goat have a range of power rakes to make light work of large areas, saving your time (and your back!)

For the ultimate machine to help you get your lawn into shape, our versatile PR550 Power Rake is unbeatable. It is self-propelled and the vibration is reduced, improving operator comfort and handling. It converts to an overseeder or vertislicer with optional accessories, providing an all-in-one solution to your lawncare needs.

Get your lawns looking lush this spring with the machines that are cut out for the job.

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The importance of green spaces and how you can take care of yours

With climate change and reducing our impact on the environment being increasingly on everyone’s radar, creating green spaces is becoming more important than ever.

Urban, green spaces are top of most councils’ agendas for 2020, as it has been for many years. But as time marches on, and the damaging impact of climate change becomes ever more apparent with crises like the Australian bushfires, it is becoming a more pressing issue.

Planting a tree is an easy way to offset your carbon footprint and is made even easier by websites where you can pay to do this without having to pick a space. There really is no excuse!

Green spaces aren’t just about planting trees and creating new woodlands. They are about outdoor leisure areas that people can enjoy and socialise in. Whilst the environmental benefits of green spaces are of course fantastic and vital, they are also beneficial to wellbeing, mental health and improving our quality of life. Getting outside and enjoying nature has been shown to improve mental health, and doctors now even prescribe it for people with depression and anxiety.

It’s not just about creating green spaces however, maintaining them is important too to make them an appealing space to spend time in. But, taking care of outdoor spaces can be hard, arduous work, particularly for large areas.

This is where Billy Goat comes in! We’ll help you clean up, and green up, your world.

If you’re starting from scratch and creating a new area, the first thing you’ll need is a powerful, efficient and effective brush cutter. The Billy Goat brush cutters are made for cutting through overgrown bush, fields, clearing meadows or paths. The combination of rigid 66 cm mowing decks, heavy-duty spindles and strong engines mean no job is too tough. The ergonomic controls make these brush cutters a perfect partner in some of the harshest environments, so they are comfortable to use.

Our turf renovation products will help you keep green spaces green too, giving your grass areas the perfect finish. Our power rakes and scarifiers will remove thatch; our overseeders will help you reseed in no time (in fact the PR series of rakes can convert to an overseeder by simply adding an attachment). We’ve also got powerful aerators to help growth and help to create better conditions for the exchange of air and water in the soil, improving the penetration of water and fertilisers.

So, you’ve created your green space and it looks perfect. But with people using it, and nature doing its thing, you’ll need to keep it clear and tidy. That’s where our debris clearance products come in. We’ve got force blowers that will help gather debris and leaves, and vacuums that will clear it, and even debris loaders for the really big jobs!

We love seeing green spaces being created, if you’re working on a new project then get in touch! Send your story and photos to billygoatuk@hentonandchattell.co.uk

Recover tired turf with Billy Goat

If your turf is in need of some TLC then it’s best to begin renovation work before the hot weather of the summer arrives.

Grass roots can be strengthened and tired patches recovered with a simply application of new seed. However, applying this to large areas of grounds, pitches and estates can often prove challenging and tiring. With the help of an overseeder from Billy Goat, arduous labour when spreading seed is a thing of the past!


It doesn’t just spread the seed but it also works it into the ground by cutting through thatch to create small slits for the seed to fall into to encourage growth. To aid growth, the overseeder utilises Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop feature that automatically starts or stops the seed drop with bale engagement.

The benefits of the OS500 series are endless. It has “no-tool” foldable handles that make it easy to store and transport across sites; it has premium steel pulleys with an easy to adjust idler which means that servicing is simple which in turn extends the machine’s lifespan; and it also has steel guards that protect the bearing and pulleys to further extend the lifespan. With an optional accessory it can also easily convert to a power rake, making this an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment.

See for yourself how Billy Goat tackles really tough jobs at www.billygoat.co.uk

The Debris Loaders are a must have this season!

Debris Loaders from Billy Goat take all the effort out of the job and help clear up in minutes. These machines have hoses that range in size from 20cm by 3 metres to 35cm by 3 metres, so they certainly have the capacity to lend maintenance teams a hand when it comes to cleaning up.

These machines also offer cost-effective benefits to the user. You will get through shredding and cutting debris quickly meaning you can get more into your truck and can spend less time and fuel taking it to your local tip. You save time and money!

Billy Goat debris loaders can be used for any size residential or commercial application and it is available in a variety of sizes with a wide range of features.

The entry level machine is the DL1301HEU with 13hp and a Honda engine – it is perfect for small to medium-sized jobs. Light weight and low overall cost, this unit reduces debris up to 12:1. The intake hose is the best in class with a clear poly helical soil so you can visually see if a blockage occurs, allowing a quick fix to take place.


For increased power there is the DL1801V which has 18hp and a Briggs & Stratton engine. These units are ideal for mid to large property managers, contractors but also customers with very large gardens. These heavy-duty units feature CustomFit which allowes you to customise the loader to your truck. In addition, the units can be mounted in one of three ways: Tailgate mounted with optional hanger kit, truck with hitch mounted with the optional swing away hitch, or skid mounted to a trailer or truck. A clear coil also comes with this machine as standard to help avoid blockages.


This machine can be upgraded to the DL1801VE which as an electric start – for quick and easy operation. All three of these models have four blades and eight cutting points to condense the rubbish it collects.


The remaining two models in the range both have six blades and 12 cutting points to truly condense the waste. They are both recently new to the range and are the DL2900V and the DL3700V. Both machines have Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and boast of 29hp and 37hp respectively.

See for yourself how Billy Goat tackles really tough jobs on our website.









Revive your garden after winter

2018 was a tough year for our gardens and it seems like they haven’t fully recovered from the extreme weather conditions we faced last year. It’s time to try and rejuvenate our lawns and gardens in prep for spring!


Before you plan to see your lawn the first task you must do is to aerate your lawn. For the best combination of productivity, operator comfort, superior aeration results, variable hole density and remarkably low maintenance in its class, consider our PL2500SPH 25″ / 64cm Hydro-Drive aerator. The unit can aerate up to 4.000m2 per hour.


Repair the patches

If your lawn has patches it might be time to reseed which will bring the lawn back to life in the next couple of months. Billy’s Goat Series Push Overseeder conserves seed with Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop feature by automatically starting or stopping seed drop with bale engagement. Capable of covering 13,000sq.ft/hr, this machine will make light work of any turf space!



The frost can really damage the lawn and the build-up of thatch can restrict light, air and moisture from reaching the roots.

Scarifying is very beneficial lawn treatment which is most effective when done ‘little and often’, rather than when a thatch problem has been allowed to become troublesome.

Billy Goat’s range of petrol powered lawn scarifiers manoeuvre effortlessly around both small and larger properties, removing matted thatch from any type of turf. The Billy Goat Power Rake (Scarifier), with its rugged design, can withstand the most demanding use. The PR’s flails propel the machine forwards, making it self-propelled and minimizing fatigue for the user.


General maintenance

Trying to keep a post-winter garden clear can be a relentless task with weekly raking to keep fallen leaves at bay. Leaf vacuums offer a powerful solution and can gather leaves in moments.

To tackle a big job like this, Billy Goat’s range of lawn and leaf vacuums are available for use in residential gardens, as well as any and all large-scale industrial, commercial and municipal clean-up projects. Self-propelled and designed for use on hard and soft surfaces, Billy Goat’s machines can pick up debris ranging from bottles, litter, branches and leaves.


For more information about the products mentioned visit our website!

Top Tips for December

Here are some top tips to keep on top of your garden maintenance before it gets too frozen to handle!

  • Pile leaves into one corner of the lawn, this creates a great space for hibernating animals
  • It is a great time to cut down any trees to ensure they don’t grow too close to buildings
  • Check your winter protection structures are still securely in place
  • Mulch the root area of evergreens, conifers, tender shrubs and perennials with a thick layer of organic matter to prevent the ground becoming frozenbilly.

Whilst Billy Goat have a range of incredibly powerful wheeled blowers designed to combat the mass of leaves which fall during the end of autumn, they could also be used for tackling light coverings of snow. With the patented ‘Aim n Shoot’ technology, this allows you to direct the airflow where you need it most, with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.

For all of your gardening needs this winter, why not head to the Billy Goat website, where you can find a range of products available for all forms of grounds care, to help you clean up your world!

Leafing the Way

It’s that time of year again when autumn leaves pile up at the side of roads, in parks, sports pitches, car parks and public spaces. The colours might look wonderful when they’re still on the trees, but when they fall they aren’t quite so appealing.


Damp leaves that become stuck to paths and walkways can present a slippery hazard, and piles of leaves can harbour pests and diseases, putting other plants at risk.

Using a handheld leaf blower sounds good, but we at Billy Goat believe we have something far more powerful and efficient.

Our range of Force Blowers deliver unbeatable power to get a large clean up job done in a matter of minutes. Don’t believe it? Watch the video and see how our Force Blowers, ranging from the F6 for residential and small property use, to the F18 Ultimate for all large-scale commercial and industrial jobs, compare to handheld and backpack models…



The F18 Ultimate creates an air velocity of just under 200 mph, blowing leaves farther and faster than with any other model in the lineup. It’s 570 cc commercial engine gives it phenomenal power, and there is also a self-propelled option, so fatigue from hand pushing is not an issue on large jobs.

For more information about Billy Goat’s Force Blowers, visit http://www.billygoat.co.uk/Force%20Blowers.html

How to create an urban wildflower meadow

Creating an urban wildflower meadow in parks and gardens has become increasingly popular recently, as grounds teams and gardeners consider ways to encourage wildlife such as birds and bees, and help them thrive even in the most densely built-up areas of our cities.


As part of a new trial, farmers are also experimenting by planting wildflowers within their crop fields, to boost the numbers of natural predators of pests, thus helping to cut down on the need to use harmful pesticides. This trial, run by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, is set to be monitored for five years to see if it is a real practical solution in reducing the use of pesticides.

So, how can you create a wildflower meadow in a green public space?

Choose an area to create a wildflower patch. Depending on the size of the space, this could be as small as 1 metre x 1 metre, or a large area underneath woodland trees or close to a hedging.

If there is an established lawn, you can remove this by using a sod cutter. Billy Goat’s 18” Hydro Sod Cutter makes short work of the job, leaving you with a flat, cleared area in no time.

Once the area is clear, use an overseeder to sow wildflower seeds. Our OS550 Push Overseeder lets you select the drop rate for the seeds, taking out all the guesswork. It also has an optional power rake accessory, giving you two functions in one machine.

Billy Goat OS552H Push Overseeder

Billy Goat OS550 Push Overseeder

If you want to sow wildflower seeds in amongst already established grass, which gives a great natural appearance, then use the power rake mentioned above to rake over the lawn, removing thatch and dead matter as you go. This will help to create some space for the seeds to reach the soil, giving them a better chance of germination than if you simply scattered onto the lawn without raking.

Wildflower seeds sown in autumn should start to appear the following spring.

For more information about Billy Goat’s Sod Cutters, click here.

For more information about Billy Goat’s Overseeders, click here.

Don’t Let Autumn Growth Get Out of Hand

Evidence of the prolonged heatwave this summer can be seen in the trees, hedges and grassy areas on residential streets and parks. Many trees are showing signs of heat stress and the grass is yellow.

The weather is set to become cooler this month with plenty of rainfall, so weeds, brush and shrubbery will once again be growing.

Cleaning up overgrown areas of land now is a good idea before the growth gets out of control. Whether it’s an unused field, overgrown scrubland or a dense orchard, we have brush mowers up to the task.


Sturdy and-heavy duty Billy Goat machines are simple to operate and will clear areas with complete ease. Our brush mowers are designed for cutting the toughest of overgrown areas. They plough through dense brush up to 6’ high, as well as grass and weeds as tall as 8”. Even saplings don’t stand a chance! These powerful machines are unfazed by hidden items lurking in the grass such as rocks, fence posts, even tyres! They make clearing vast areas, meadows and fields a breeze, as well as also being handy for clearing paths and tackling overgrowth that has perhaps got a little out of hand.

Brushcutter brushmower - Billy Goat

There are five models in the range offering a variety of options. All models have a 26” cutting width and a heavy duty blade spindle that is reinforced on four sides to tackle the toughest of cutting tasks with ease, as well as a rigid deck for extra stability. There are two self-propelled models with three speeds, both powered by 13hp petrol engines, and weigh in at 166kg.

For more information about Billy Goat’s brush mowers, visit: http://www.billygoat.co.uk/Brush%20Mowers%20Page.html

Take advantage of the heatwave to clean up property!

The prolonged weather has had a dramatic effect on the shrubs, grass and trees which would normally be lush and green at this time of year, along roads, pathways, parks, residential streets and council land. Instead, growth has slowed right down and foliage has turned yellow and very dry.

Now is a good time to take advantage of that, by cleaning up areas that would otherwise be overgrown and difficult to reach. In many areas, litter and debris may be more visible because there is less growth, so tidying up now will keep areas clear before autumn arrives.

Billy Goat’s Outdoor Vacuums, with models designed for domestic, commercial and industrial use, will make light work of lifting debris and litter, as well as leaves and foliage that have dropped earlier than usual thanks to the lack of rain.


Each of the wheeled vacuums can be used on hard surfaces as well as grass, so cleaning up car parks, city streets, school grounds, churches, hotel grounds and festival sites can all be done easily and in less time than you might think. Bottles, cans, general litter and even small tree branches are not a problem for the commercial models – and each come with an attached refuse bag for easy collection of rubbish, making disposal a breeze. There is also the QV QuietVac Contractor, noted as the “world’s quietest”, ideal for use on residential streets or hospital car parks!

For more information about Billy Goat’s vacuums, visit: http://www.billygoat.co.uk/Wheeled%20Vacs.html