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Beat the brush!

When a grass strimmer or lawnmower just won’t cut it, Billy Goat is on hand with its range of brushcutters that will help clear overgrown areas with ease!

This is never more true than of this time of year. In July, everything is growing and keeping on top of everything can seem an endless job! If you’re looking for equipment that can assist you with clearance tasks in no time, then Billy Goat brushcutters provide an efficient solution to help free up your time!

Maintaining large areas of grass is a big commitment so you will no doubt welcome a solution that provides a fast, reliable alternative to removing unwanted items. The best thing needed to tackle these patches of tall grass and brambles is power. Brushcutters from Billy Goat certainly have that. Brushcutter lawnmowers provide a simple way to tackle wild areas of grass with ease and speed. They can plough through overgrowth and weeds, even cutting through branches and tackle challenges up to six feet high, including saplings up to two inches diameter.


With more power, than a handheld brushcutter, as well as heavy duty blades, Billy’s Goat brushcutters can tidy areas and are more durable for long-term, extensive usage on larger plots.

Here are Billy Goat’s top tops for using brushcutters:

  • Choose your equipment based on your requirements. It might sound simple but brushcutters are powerful pieces of machinery with varying features and capabilities so make sure you choose the one most suited for your application
  • Just got for it! Don’t be anxious when using a brushcutter for the first time, Billy Goat brushcutters “eat up” overgrowth so make you feed them well!
  • Be comfortable – let the machine take the strain so you don’t have to. To help with this, Billy Goat brushcutters have padded handles. Make sure they are well positioned before you set off
  • Make sure that you keep your brushcutter in excellent condition by visiting your local dealer for regular servicing, like you should with all garden equipment!

The Billy Goat range of land clearing equipment is available nationwide through Henton and Chattell’s dealer network. For more information and to see videos demonstrating their performance visit