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The Benefits of Green Spaces

Recent research from Fields in Trust has shown that there is a direct link between publicly accessible parks and green spaces and health and well-being.


Their work, which involved new analysis of existing data from Defra and Natural England, and a new primary data sample, meant that Fields in Trust were able to establish a connection between an individual’s use of public green spaces and an improvement in their health and mental well-being.

It appears that, on average, the more frequently a person visits a park or green space, the better their well-being would be.

The new research also highlighted the importance of these green spaces, because they serve as ideal venues for community activities, and can help some individuals in their battle against loneliness.

The report recommends a ‘dosage’ for visiting green spaces, suggesting people should aim to go at least once a week.


It has long been thought that gardening, nature and being around green space can be beneficial for you. It helps you relax, relieve stress and appreciate some peace and quiet. This report, however, is the first real evidence that has shown, on a national level, a direct link between green spaces and an increase in a person’s well-being.

As the population of this country continues to rise, more people are moving to cities, and more and more land is being used for housing, the need for parks and public gardens is all the more important. Despite the housing crisis, and our increasingly busy lifestyles, we can still incorporate green spaces into our concrete jungles for everyone’s benefit.

This concept was brilliantly demonstrated at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year. The RHS ‘Greening Grey Britain’ garden showed how plants and greenery can be included in urban developments. We wrote a blog about this in July.

Not only can it brighten up otherwise grey buildings and city developments, but it can also offer a practical solution by choosing plants that are edible and/or soak up pollution. We love this inspiring idea and it reaffirms our passion for maintaining and caring for our publicly accessible green spaces, parks and landscapes.