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Jobs for August

We understand the amount of hard work and commitment that is required in order for you to maintain a garden and grounds to the best possible standard. Billy Goat provides a range that can make your job just that little bit easier.

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As ever British weather makes things a little unpredictable, but it does hold some hope for those of you wanting to achieve the best looking lawns.

If the increased temperatures have meant that your grass is still growing then mow on a higher setting to encourage root growth. Remember to keep watering the lawn, too little water encourages weeds. However, whilst watering is good, it is important to regularly feed your lawn.

Depending on the weather, you may be starting to think about rejuvenating your lawn. This can only be done when rainfall is more plentiful so if we have a scorching August then you may need to hold off!

The process usually calls for re-seeding, especially for cool-season grasses. Late summer can be a good time for this and the soil still retains some temperature for the seeds to germinate. For this, we recommend that you try our OS500 Series Push Overseeder, with our exclusive Auto Drop feature that automatically starts and stops seed drop, without all of the guesswork, to provide the right amount of nutrients for your green base.

To make your lawn even more eye catching, make sure all of your borders are neat, tidy and attractive. If you are thinking of renovating an overgrown are, why not use one of Billy Goat’s Outback Brushcutters? With its outstanding Tuff Torq hydro transmission, you can reclaim those overgrown shaded areas in no time at all.

Although it feels like summer has only just got going, it’ll soon be time to get ready for autumn. We’ll tell you how in next month’s post.