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Cleaning Up After Summer

It might still be summer (and we’ve definitely been lucky with the weather so far this year), but it pays to plan ahead when you’re thinking about clearing up large areas in the autumn.

Rough grass, overgrowth and brush can take hold in any location and conditions. Whether it’s an unused field, overgrown scrubland or a dense orchard, a heavy-duty brushcutter makes light work of a big job. It is often easier to cut down dense growth after the flowering period, so late summer and early autumn is the perfect time to tackle it.

They plough through dense brush up to 6’ high, as well as grass and weeds as tall as 8”. Even saplings don’t stand a chance! These powerful brushcutters are unfazed by hidden items lurking in the grass. They make clearing vast areas, meadows and fields a breeze, as well as also being handy for clearing paths and tackling overgrowth that has perhaps got a little out of hand.

Brushcutter brushmower - Billy Goat

Another consideration is autumn leaves and how you might clear them. Piles of damp leaves can pose a health and safety risk on paths and public walkways, not to mention that they look unsightly, so vacuuming them up in one go makes a daunting task quick and easy. We offer a range of vacuums that suitable for domestic and professional usage and can be used on different surfaces.

Outdoor vacuum debris vacuum