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Make way for the colour season

As the fun-filled summer season is slowly coming to an end, your lawn may show the evidence of all those guests who were invited to your summer fun. If your lawn has been trampled on, this will result in surfaces becoming compacted, less air getting to the grass roots and water draining away too slowly. No one wants puddles on their beautiful lawn! Billy Goat has the solution to give a new breath of fresh air to your garden.

Gone is the need for inserting your digging fork manually, our 18” PL1800 Series Plugr aerator is ideal for smaller property aeration and drives cores up to 2.75” deep. This unit can also aerate up to 22,000 sq. ft. per hour, ensuring your lawn is provided with the air it needs, in no time at all. With an easy folding handle for compact transport and storage, this would be a vital addition to anyone’s gardening equipment. Easy maintenance is also guaranteed with only four tines, no chains and a no-tool removal cover.
Billy Goat sept blog image

For larger areas why not try our 48 x72” tow behind aerator. The AET48 is the ultimate tool in productivity and flexibility. Aside from the four tine stars and the six tines each that core up to 3” deep, optional water weight jugs eliminate bulky steel weights. With their position being directly above the tines, this maintains better aeration depth, for a more substantial draining structure.

Aeration is important during the autumnal months, in order for grounds to be given the needed drying, and respite, ahead of the frost which accompanies the colder months. Help to ensure you do not get frost bite, by using any of the aeration products from the Billy Goat range, saving both your hands and your lawn.