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Turn your leaves into prizes this autumn!

Little Bill LB352

Conkers on trees, the hint of the first frost in the morning air and earlier sunsets are all signs that autumn is descending.

But perhaps the biggest sign of autumn is the inundation of fallen leaves.

This autumn Billy Goat clean up equipment has a way of turning leaves into prizes with its Autumn Leaves competition.

The company has launched the competition to encourage people to send in photos of their leaf piles. The bigger and more creative the better! The winning photo will receive a Little Billy Outdoor Vacuum worth almost £600.

To enter the competition simply take a photo of your leaves and tweet it to Billy Goat at @BillyGoatUK using the hastag #AutumnLeaves.

When it comes to autumnal property clearance, Billy Goat has everything required to tackle any challenge with the greatest of ease and help to restore grounds to their former glory. Billy Goat produce a range of powerful equipment, including blowers and vacuums, and are available from Henton & Chattell dealers nationwide.

The closing date for the competition is 30th November 2014.

For more information about Billy Goat and to see the range in action please visit

What to do with leftover leaves

Billy Goat2During an autumn garden clean up, it’s easy to get stuck with huge pile of leaves and garden debris. Rather than throwing them in the wheelie bin, why not harness the leafy goodness and make a nutritious compost for free! Leafmould!

Leafmould is an excellent soil conditioner. It can also be added to homemade compost or well-rotted manure in order to create a nourishing mulch, ideal for improving soil structure.

The fallen leaves are broken down by fungi which work their way through the leaves’ structure, slowing breaking them down. It is best to compost the leafmould separately as the leaves rot down slower than normal compost waste.

All leaves and conifer needles can be used and will eventually break down into leafmould. Some leaves, such as oak, beech or hornbeam, break down quickly and produce an excellent result, but thicker leaves such as holly and laurel will need shredding to help speed up the process of decomposing.

Conifer needles will eventually break down, but can take two to three years to decay so it’s better to add those to the normal compost heap.

Leaves can be collected and placed in a pen made from chicken wire and a few posts. If DIY is not your forte the easier option is to put the leaves in a bin bag with some air holes added to let the air circulate. Place it in a corner and just forget about it for a year, and you will return to a bag of gardening gold.

Once you have a magnificent leafmould pile, before you plunge that fork in and start spreading, be aware of any sheltering wildlife. Mounds often attract toads and slow worms so just give them some time to move on before you uproot them.

For clearing leaves from larger gardens it is best to invest in a vacuum. Billy Goat’s Little Billy LB352 is particularly light and manoeuvrable and features superior suction. The unit is ideal for vacuuming leaves and grass cuttings that can then be added to the compost heap with ease.

The Billy Goat range also includes a selection of push and self-propelled vacuums, as well as force blowers to make collecting leaves even easier.