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Our Top Tips for Grounds Care This Winter

Consider these top tips to ensure the frost does not catch you out this winter and to keep on top of the maintenance before it gets too frozen to handle.

Try to prohibit people from walking on the grass directly as, if there is a frost, they could cause damage and leave a trail of big brown footprints behind them, which can be very unsightly to any groundskeeper!
You may want to consider piling the leaves into one corner of the lawn, creating a great safe space for hibernating animals and insects. However, do not forget to look for animals ie. Hedgehogs, before clearing anything away.
Winter is a great time to check that trees are not growing too close to buildings, and make sure you cut them back as necessary.
Ensure the drains and pipes are kept clear of any debris, and leaves, in particular, to help prevent any blockages when it rains.
In an attempt to keep those borders tidy for one last time before being covered in a blanket of snow, try to keep paths clear of algae. It is important to keep the leaves cleared as frost and ice can make them very slippery, and no-one wants to have any broken bones for the Christmas break!

Billy Goat F18 - cut out dec blog

Whilst Billy Goat have a range of incredibly powerful wheeled blowers designed to combat the mass of leaves which fall during the end of autumn, they could also be used for tackling light coverings of snow. With the patented ‘Aim n Shoot’ technology, this allows you to direct the airflow where you need it most, with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.

For all of your gardening needs this winter, why not head to the Billy Goat website, where you can find a range of products available for all forms of grounds care, to help you clean up your world!