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The importance of green spaces and how you can take care of yours

With climate change and reducing our impact on the environment being increasingly on everyone’s radar, creating green spaces is becoming more important than ever.

Urban, green spaces are top of most councils’ agendas for 2020, as it has been for many years. But as time marches on, and the damaging impact of climate change becomes ever more apparent with crises like the Australian bushfires, it is becoming a more pressing issue.

Planting a tree is an easy way to offset your carbon footprint and is made even easier by websites where you can pay to do this without having to pick a space. There really is no excuse!

Green spaces aren’t just about planting trees and creating new woodlands. They are about outdoor leisure areas that people can enjoy and socialise in. Whilst the environmental benefits of green spaces are of course fantastic and vital, they are also beneficial to wellbeing, mental health and improving our quality of life. Getting outside and enjoying nature has been shown to improve mental health, and doctors now even prescribe it for people with depression and anxiety.

It’s not just about creating green spaces however, maintaining them is important too to make them an appealing space to spend time in. But, taking care of outdoor spaces can be hard, arduous work, particularly for large areas.

This is where Billy Goat comes in! We’ll help you clean up, and green up, your world.

If you’re starting from scratch and creating a new area, the first thing you’ll need is a powerful, efficient and effective brush cutter. The Billy Goat brush cutters are made for cutting through overgrown bush, fields, clearing meadows or paths. The combination of rigid 66 cm mowing decks, heavy-duty spindles and strong engines mean no job is too tough. The ergonomic controls make these brush cutters a perfect partner in some of the harshest environments, so they are comfortable to use.

Our turf renovation products will help you keep green spaces green too, giving your grass areas the perfect finish. Our power rakes and scarifiers will remove thatch; our overseeders will help you reseed in no time (in fact the PR series of rakes can convert to an overseeder by simply adding an attachment). We’ve also got powerful aerators to help growth and help to create better conditions for the exchange of air and water in the soil, improving the penetration of water and fertilisers.

So, you’ve created your green space and it looks perfect. But with people using it, and nature doing its thing, you’ll need to keep it clear and tidy. That’s where our debris clearance products come in. We’ve got force blowers that will help gather debris and leaves, and vacuums that will clear it, and even debris loaders for the really big jobs!

We love seeing green spaces being created, if you’re working on a new project then get in touch! Send your story and photos to