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Take control of that unruly moss

Spring can bring with it reminders of pastures greener, but to get to them it can take some hard work and determination, preparing your outdoor area for the months to come.

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March is the perfect time to give the lawn some well-deserved tender loving care. To make your life just that little bit easier, why not let Billy Goat help.

When inspecting your lawn for the first time this year, take control of those unruly moss patches, which can be caused by inadequate feeding. Moss can grow in a wide variety of conditions. The more suitable the conditions, however, does not always mean more moss, because lawn care practices can have the greater influence. You can take control on the growth of moss on your lawn, as when the grass thrives, the moss will not get a chance to grow. It is only when environmental conditions turn against the grass, such as permanent shade or mowing abuse, that the grass will start to weaken, allowing the moss to take over.

If you start to notice bald patches in your lawn or patches where the grass is beginning to thin, why not try overseeing. Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seed to fill in areas of thinning turf. It is also a great way of improving the density of your lawn and re-enhance a vibrant colour. This is not a new practice and has been used for many, many years. This will not only improve the health of your lawn, but also fend off the intrusion of those unsightly weeds. Overseeding a lawn allows the introduction of special blends of improved grass species that can effectively resist many unsightly lawn problems, especially moss. Billy Goat’s overseeder range features intuitive forward and reverse operator controls, helping to reduce the fatigue associated with pushing machinery.

The OS500 Series Push Overseeder reduces the need to replenish the 11.2kg capacity front mounted poly seed box, as it conserves seed with Billy Goat’s exclusive Auto Drop feature. This directs the machine to automatically start or stop seed drop with bale engagement. The heavy-duty bale controls both seed release and blade engagement; selecting the correct drop rate without all the guess work. The precise blade engagement also ensures there are slits cut in the ground of the right size and depth, allowing the seeds to get into the soil and under the roots of the lawn.

With a 162cc Honda engine and premier wheels and frame, the Billy Goat overseeder confidently offers reliable durability and longer outdoor life.

The OS552 also boasts optional flail or spring tine reels, allowing easy conversion to a power rake. Thus making this an extremely versatile machine, and consequently a worthwhile investment. The OS552 can be used all year round, power raking in the spring and overseeding when required.

For more information on the overseeder range or to browse other Billy Goat products, please visit the website.