Monthly Archives: April 2018

Give the Grass a Spring Clean

Finally, the lighter mornings and warmer days are here – spring has sprung!

Work to get lawns and turf looking its best can begin once again – it’s time to get rid of moss and aerate the ground to promote strong spring growth.

Using a Power Rake can make light work of removing moss and thatch from turf. Its rugged design allows for the most demanding use, and its flails propel the machine forwards, making it self-propelled and less tiring to push.


Thatch is a build-up of dead grass and debris, that can accumulate over the winter months, and forms a layer between new grass growth and the soil beneath. Removing it helps to improve the air flow around the blades of grass, and lets moisture find its way to the soil.

Aerating the ground is also important to improve drainage and reduce compaction. Over the winter months, rainfall and freezing conditions can cause the ground to become hard, stopping moisture and air from reaching the soil. Aeration is the process of adding lots of small holes into the ground, a few centimetres deep, to let in air and moisture. This can be done by hand simply with a garden fork, or, for large areas, the job can be done much more quickly with an Aerator, designed to cover large areas with the back-breaking fatigue of doing it without a machine.


Billy Goat has a wide range of models, including Tow Behind Aerators for large properties, commercial and municipal use, and its Plugr range includes self-propelled options, ideal for both domestic gardeners with large lawns.

Whichever way you decide to spring clean your lawn this spring, the difference will be noticeable within a few weeks as the weather gets warmer and the grass turns greener!