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Who said groundsman-ship is dull?

Leicester City FC may not have managed to replicate their miraculous league-winning performance of last season this time around, finishing 12th in the Premier League in May, but they have continued to make headlines for other reasons.

The club’s team of groundsmen, led by grounds-manager John Ledwidge, has been responsible for creating some amazing pitch patterns that have grabbed everyone’s attention. We have written about it before in our previous blog and liked it so much, we decided to revisit it.

It got us thinking, who ever thought groundsman-ship had to be dull?


One of The Foxes more understated designs – this simple stripe pattern still looks impressive

We think this display of lush green resembles a snooker table, like any well-maintained pitch should. But it also demonstrates enormous skill, creativity and represents the year-round hard work that goes into maintaining the playing surface.


The groundsmen showed off this stunning club logo for Leicester City’s final matches of the season


They saved the best till last! This was the final design of the season for Leicester City’s last game again Bournemouth FC

The grounds team’s work at Leicester City is not only impressive, but it is also showing the sporting world that pitch maintenance need not be thought of as boring or not creative. It is casting the profession in a positive light and we hope their work is inspiring a young generation to explore groundsman-ship as a possible career path in the future.