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Don’t procrastinate, rake and aerate!


At this time of year, it is fair to say your turf may not be looking at its best. Bare patches are starting to appear, the soil feels hard, rain isn’t draining very quickly and there is a buildup of matted thatch and moss. Billy Goat has a range of power rakes and aerators designed to combat these problems, requiring minimal elbow grease from you!

We know that maintaining a large area of grass is a big commitment, so we’re not surprised that you’re looking for solutions that are fast, reliable and involve minimal effort.

Now is a good time to act, you can eliminate these problems and get your lawn in a healthy shape ready for the spring and summer.

Billy Goat’s power rakes, including the PR550, removes thatch from turf in 20” passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use. It is also self-propelled, reducing energy and effort needed to control it.pr550

Additionally, because it is sturdier than other scarifiers on the market, with steel guards, heavier wheels, premium bearings, and a 10-gauge steel engine base, the PR550 absorbs much of the vibration within the main body of the machine, making it more stable and more comfortable for the user to operate.

The PR550 will remove thatch swiftly and efficiently, making light work of an otherwise daunting task!

Once the thatch has been removed, Billy Goat’s range of core and reciprocating aerators are on hand to finish off the job. Aerating lawns and turf is vital to the health of the grass, helping water, nutrients and air penetrate the grass roots. The result will be a stronger, verdant lawn.

Punching tine core depths to 2.75” (even in hard soil conditions), many of Billy Goat’s aerators, including the PL2500SPH, do not require any lifting, add on weights or have any chains, making them easy to operate and less fatiguing than others on the market.pl2500sph

It is certainly much easier than trying to do the job with a garden fork, which could take weeks (if not months) – never mind the back-ache!

The Billy Goat range of power rake and aerator equipment is available nationwide through Henton and Chattell’s dealer network. For more information and to see videos demonstrating their performance visit