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Scarify to promote healthy and revitalised lawn

Scarifying is one of the necessary tasks to undertake to ensure lawns stay healthy. It can be an effective process, when done at right time of year, as it removes thatch and other debris from your lawn. Thatch (dead grass) builds up over time and stops any light, air, moisture, or nutrients from reaching the grass root, restricting growth and stimulating an unwelcome flourish of weeds and moss. This is why eliminating it is vital in helping to keep a lawn thriving. 

The scarification process can be quite harsh on a lawn, leaving it looking patchy and neglected initially due to the rough process of collecting dry, dead thatch. Because of this, it is best to scarify in the autumn months or now, during the spring, when grass growth is at its peak, allowing lawns to recover quickly.

Whilst intensive scarifying should be undertaken between September and October, when the soil is still warm, to get a lawn looking its best for summer, the coming weeks will be an opportune time to conduct some light scarifying before the warm weather arrives, to remove the layer of thatch that may have built up over the winter. It is also best to combine scarification alongside other maintenance jobs, such as overseeding and fertilisation to ensure the best results.

Despite its seemingly harsh effects, scarifying is extremely useful and supplies a multitude of benefits to your lawn. For example, the scarification process helps to improve surface draining, so you can be sure lawns won’t suffer from being waterlogged. The removal of thatch also gives grass efficient ventilation, allowing air and nutrients to reach the root more easily, promoting better growth and overall condition and limiting the risk of any diseases occurring.

To get your lawn looking the picture of health, Billy Goat’s versatile range of scarifiers takes the hard work out of transforming a lawn. The PR Series is designed to withstand the most demanding use and all manoeuvre effortlessly to remove any matted thatch from turf in 20” passes, saving you time and avoiding the strenuous work of using a regular rake.

With their power supplied by Honda, the PR550 Power Rake and PR550H Power Rake are the perfect tools to help renovate even the largest lawns, and with their reduced vibrations, they improve operator comfort and handling. These models are also self-propelled and come with several optional accessories, including a spring tine reel, which removes thatch from areas where objects, like sprinkler heads, may cause concern. Both models can also be converted into an overseeder and vertislicer, providing several lawncare solutions in one tool.  

The CR550HCEU Compact Power Rake is a smaller model, but still has the power of Honda to get the job done. With its smaller design, the compact power rake can effectively remove thatch from smaller areas. This model also comes with optional accessories, such as a vertislicing reel, which can help improve drainage and overseeding which may have been compromised due to the build-up of thatch.

Billy Goat has all the tools to help you get the job done quickly and easily – leaving you with a lawn looking like new.

Scarify and aerate for healthy lawns

September is one of the best times to conduct lawn maintenance and to prepare it for the colder, wetter months of winter as the temperatures are ideal for grass seed regrowth and weeds are at low levels.

Scarifying and aerating are both vital processes to conduct in order to keep lawns healthy, and they are simple and effective tasks to complete, provided they are done at the right time of year and that you follow a few rules. This month we’ll go through the processes and give some advice on lawn maintenance.

Scarifying removes thatch (dead grass) and other debris such as moss from a lawn to improve its health. As thatch builds it restricts growth of new grass and encourages moss and weeds to take over in its place, leading to unsightly lawns. Light scarification can be performed in spring, but the heavier duty work is best done now, with soil temperatures perfect for recovery and grass seed germination if overseeding. It can appear to be a harsh process, making lawns look patchy and unloved following the process, but if done properly your lawn will soon thank you by transforming into a picture of health and vitality.

A scarifying rake can be used, but to achieve the best results and to avoid serious backache, a power rake such as the Billy Goat Power Rake efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 20” passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use.

After scarifying the lawn, the next step is aeration. A lawn should be aerated at least once annually to relieve compacted soil. When soil becomes Compacted it prevents proper circulation of air, water and nutrients, all of which are vital for a healthy lawn. Aeration helps to relieve this issue by making holes throughout the lawn to allow air to circulate around the roots, encouraging them to grow stronger, thus creating a healthier, happier lawn. Machine aerators such as Billy Goat’s mechanical and towable aerators make light work of the task and are streamlined to get the job done to the highest standard.

Your lawn may need a little help recovering after both of these processes. Adding some high nitrogen fertiliser and lawn grass seed will help combat any stress and disease and will fill in any patchy areas.

Whatever your autumn land care requirements, Billy Goat has the right tools to help you get the job done.