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A seasonal schedule to help you plan out your groundskeeping year

The beginning of the year is a good opportunity to take stock and think about the seasonal jobs for the year ahead and to make sure that you have the right equipment lined up to tackle them.

To help you plan, we’ve split the most common groundscare jobs into seasons, with recommendations for the machinery you’ll need. Get your equipment lined up now, so as each season rolls around, you’re ready. With the seasons often arriving early or late nowadays, it’s always better to be prepared in advance.


We all look forward to the arrival of spring, and this is the season when lawncare becomes a priority again. To get lawns primed for the summer, now is the time to aerate and overseed. Heavy rainfall over the winter months can lead to a waterlogged lawn in need of aeration. An aerated lawn means that grass will be healthier, and your lawn will look thicker and more lush.

We’ve got some powerful aerators to help growth and help to create better conditions for the exchange of air and water in the soil, improving the penetration of water and fertilisers. The ultimate tool for the job is Billy Goat’s Plugr, which drives cores up to 2.75” deep even in hard soil conditions, yielding great results. 

Now is the ideal time to reseed lawns, to thicken sparse areas and repair any damage that winter may have done. Billy Goat’s OS901 Overseeder with exclusive Auto Drop™ technology is the perfect machine for the job, with super simple operation and high germination rates. If you haven’t used an aerator before seeding, make sure to rake the surface to create a fine soil layer for the seeds to incorporate into.


The summer sunshine may put turf under strain and areas of water-stressed or scorched grass may need replacing, especially if you are caring for a golf course. Our Sod Cutter is the perfect partner to help you remove areas of damaged turf neatly, to allow for a seamless finish. Our SC18 Series Sod Cutter  features specially designed wheels that are ideal for softer touch, bent grass and shallow cut applications. Our Sod Cutters are also an invaluable tool for cutting irrigation channels and for flatwork.

If street clean-up is part of your remit, a Leaf & Litter Vacuum like our QV Series will come in very handy. It’s the world’s quietest vacuum so won’t disturb passers-by, and its exclusive Dust Sock technology dramatically reduces dust in dry summer conditions.


Autumn is an ideal time to conduct lawn maintenance and to prepare it for the colder, wetter months. The temperature is ideal for grass seed regrowth too. September and October are the best months for scarifying your lawn, to remove any dry, dead thatch or scorched grass before the frosts come. Scarifying and aerating are both vital processes to maintain a healthy lawn and give great results when done at the most opportune time of year. Our PR Series power rake efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 51 cm passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use. This machine can be converted to an overseeder or vertislicer with optional accessories, making it an incredibly versatile lawncare machine.

As leaves begin to fall, a Lawn & Leaf Vacuum will be extremely useful to keep paths, pavements and playgrounds clear. We have a wide range of vacuums to suit your scale of job, with different models available for hard surface or turf applications.


Lower temperatures and leaf debris can pose a problem to pathways which need to be kept clear. Leaf matter can be particularly slippery if it is left to compact and rot. Leaf blowers are worth their weight in gold at this time of year for groundscare professionals so are worth investing. As well as being great for shifting leaves, the Billy Goat Leaf Blower will also give you the power to deal with light snowfall later in the season too.

Our range of Force Wheeled Blowers are the world’s most powerful and versatile, suitable for every scale of job, from domestic to community. Our F18 Series is the ultimate in volume and power, with a 15.2 cm discharge with air velocity of just below 320 km/h. It blows and pushes debris faster than with any other blower in our range. There are two models in the series, both of can clear 2,000m2 in under 30 minutes. The F1802SPV model is even self-propelled to increase productivity. Both models are equipped with professional Vanguard® V-Twin engines with a three year engine warranty.

Whatever your groundscare needs, Billy Goat has you covered all year round, no matter what the seasons bring. Our machinery is world class and capable of tackling any job.