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Creating biodiverse cities

Creating ecologically diverse areas in urban surroundings is important for city planners who are looking to create a sustainable environment for city-dwellers, visitors and wildlife. It is becoming ever more important for cities to demonstrate their eco-credentials, rather than simply paying lip service and greenwashing their schemes. In fact, urban environments can provide an excellent opportunity to create wildlife corridors and habitats.

One of the best, and easiest, ways to do this is by creating a wildflower meadow. The best thing about preparing the ground for wildflowers is that it the poorer the soil, the better the growth – there aren’t many times in life that minimal effort equals maximum results, so make the most of it! But do it now before the frosts arrive in order to reap the rewards in spring.

If you are planning on sowing seeds into an established lawn you’ll get a lovely, naturalistic display. This is an easy method that simply requires an overseeder. We have a range at Billy Goat, all equipped with the exclusive Auto Drop™ feature. Auto Drop™ starts and stops seed drop automatically with bale engagement and disengagement. You can select the correct drop rate easily to fit your needs, meaning that you can make your meadow as flower heavy or light as you wish. The OS500 Series can be easily converted to a power rake for removing thatch, making it an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment. The OS900 Series overseeders are self-propelled with intuitive operator controls, which means fatigue is reduced.

If you’re planning to remove the grass before seeding you’ll need a sod cutter – it would be backbreaking to try and attempt it with a spade! Our SC18 Series offers two units: one with paddle-style drive wheels for better grip in wet and dry conditions, and one with knobbly wheels which were designed specifically for golf applications – a wildflower patch on a golf course would be a beautiful touch.