Our Favourite Picks from RHS Chelsea 2018

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week did not disappoint, with plenty of gardens embracing design ideas that you can apply in your own garden, as well as championing the benefits of green space for health and wellbeing.

RHS Feel Good Garden

che1One of our favourites exhibits this year was the RHS Feel Good Garden designed by Matt Keightley and built by Rosebank Landscaping. The positive effect of gardening and being in a therapeutic, tranquil green space to relax are the central focus of this garden.

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog highlighting recent research by Fields in Trust which stated a clear link between mental wellbeing and exposure to green spaces. Spending just a few minutes around nature, plants and fresh air can dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and increases levels of calm.

The RHS Feel Good Garden has been designed to deliberately draw visitors in and has plenty of seating where people can pause for a moment to relax and admire the largely yellow and purple planting schemes.

The Silent Pool Gin Garden

chel2For us, the Silent Pool Gin Garden, designed by David Neale and built by Neale Richards Garden Design, was one of the best examples of a garden that could easily be created at home.

It combined hard landscaping in the form of lots of decking, pathways, sculptures and stone walling, with soft planting, water and beautiful copper pots.

The many textures of this exhibit helped to create a serene setting that could easily be recreated in an urban domestic garden.

The Pearlfisher Garden

chel3We loved the Pearlfisher Garden designed by Karen Welman and John Warland and built by The Garden Builders, for its unique message about the oceans’ vast underwater garden and its precious eco-system.

The beautiful glass ceiling over the garden helped to create a dappled shade effect, mimicking the movement of water. Most of the planting was made up of cacti and succulents to echo the look and structure of underwater plants and coral.

We think there is plenty of inspiration and ideas to be taken from RHS Chelsea year after year, both for your own garden and public open spaces to benefit entire communities.

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